Why We Differ

The Five Day Move

Moving is often cited as one of the top five life-stressors. Childbirth, marriage, divorce and death are the others. It’s a Breeze is often hired when two or more of these occur at once. People rarely know how to navigate these events without help or experience and can feel profoundly overwhelmed by the never-ending tasks.
Our value is in the exceptional support and partnership we provide throughout your move.  In five days.

Pre-Move – Plan

Moving affords the opportunity to start anew. We begin with a detailed plan created together, including photos of all rooms,  and identify what you love and use most often. Anything else we recycle, donate and haul away.

Day One – Pack

Our team carefully boxes and crates everything to ensure safe transport in one day. Clients can approve our plan, then leave on vacation or work with us on specific rooms; our system is flexible, reduces stress and accommodates your involvement.

Day Two – Move

Your furniture is wrapped and secured, then labeled according to the floor plan. Your belongings are loaded onto the moving company truck under careful supervision, and by midday the house is empty. In Bay Area moves, your belongings are delivered same day and unloaded. Furniture is placed and unwrapped, and boxes are stacked in their rooms.

Day Three – Unpack

As the most complex room in a house, the kitchen is where we start; every surface is covered as we unpack. Once we see what there is and sort everything according to the intended layout, we’re able to put items in place. Come midday, one person remains on point in the kitchen, which will be finished the following day around noon, while the other teams move on to the bedrooms.

Day Four – Organize

Room by room and drawer by drawer, everything is put away and readied for your return. By now all beds are made and there’s more order to the rooms. While there are still bags upon bags of packing paper and flattened boxes lining the halls, the moving materials are beginning to disappear into the garage for pick up.

Day Five – Reveal

With the living areas immaculate, finishing touches are put on the office and your garage with contents so expertly organized that it wows our clients every time. Your arrival is great fun. Doors open and close as kids run excitedly around about their rooms. Welcome home!