In the Eyes of Our Clients

“We are so so so so so blown away by how spectacular everything looks. We just walked in and walked through the house – it’s absolutely amazing. This could not have happened without you, being that we were in the hospital the whole time – but to bring Katie home to this house all perfectly made up is amazing. We are incredibly thankful for you and your team. If we can be a reference in the future we would be delighted. Many, many thanks and so much appreciation.”

September 2016

“Wow! I’m so impressed! What an incredible service you offer. My clients are very pleased, they can’t say enough about what a great experience it was working with you. I will refer you to clients forever.”

Janet Feinberg Schindler – Sotheby’s International Realty, San Francisco

“Breeze is truly amazing. She doesn’t just reorganize a mess she eliminates it. Using experience and empathy she helps you make those often tough decisions to discard or give away vs. keep and organize. There is both art and science to her craft and if a PhD. were offered in her field, Breeze would be Dr. of Home Healthcare, not only does she have the cure, but she focuses on the wellness of your home and as a result the wellness of you and your entire family.”

Linda Yates & Paul Holland
Jane & Don Yates

“My husband and I were thrilled with Breeze’s professionalism and calm demeanor. She helped us to prepare and plan for our move, to clean out the unnecessary clutter we had accumulated, and to find a high quality moving company. She and her staff executed on this plan perfectly! My husband couldn’t believe how organized our house was after Breeze moved us in. We can’t imagine moving without Breeze!”

Anne & Robert Pedrero, San Francisco

“Do yourself a BIG favor and listen to Breeze. She suggested we go away for the weekend as she moved us from our house to a Brocklebank apartment. We are so glad we took her advice. We left on Friday and arrived at our new apartment on Sunday to find all of our furniture in place, most boxes unpacked and my office arranged just the way I wanted. Breeze gently pushed us out the door and told us to leave for several hours so her crew could finish up….4 hours later we returned for about 1/2 hour and Breeze gently showed us the door once again.

That night we could sleep in our apartment and by the second night everything was unpacked and put in exactly the correct place. Breeze coordinated with the moving company (Cummings, which was wonderful too) and with our terrific interior decorator (JR Nuerge). Hiring Breeze’s service was a great investment and we recommend her without any hesitation. “Money well spent”, Norman says.”

Adrienne & Norman Schlossberg
San Francisco

“I send many kudos along with Rosemary’s (Director of Wellness Services ) sentiments. I spent nearly an hour with Mrs. J. afterward (keys, safe, phone, etc.) Breeze this was incredible, working from the pictures you took of 1212 you even matched the closets and dressing table with the exact books, perfume bottles etc. She continually cried saying how wonderful that her favorite things were placed where she could really enjoy them. She could not fathom how this was accomplished —especially overnight!”

What a pleasure (both professionally and personally) to work with you Breeze!
Many, Many Thanks-

Sherris Goodwin – San Francisco Towers

“As far back as the ancient Greeks, the shell of the chambered nautilus has been a symbol of perfection. Let this attribute serve as my analogy for the services offered by your company. You and your amazing staff navigated our move with unparalleled organization and the utmost professionalism, sensitivity and attention to detail. Never once were we caught in a downward spiral and thanks to It’s a Breeze, life has returned to normal in just a short period of time. With all our belongings tucked properly into their appropriate chambers we are thoroughly enjoying life in our new home. All the best.”

Jennifer Hocking – San Francisco

We’re able to sell the personal property on behalf of It’s a Breeze’s clients including collectibles, art, furniture, household goods and specialty items, as the sorting done by Breeze makes picking up or receiving the consignment quick and painless. Breeze and her team make it easy for us to say “yes” when her clients need help.”

Rick Hudson – Hudson Estate Liquidations

“Breeze was fantastic to work with. Her sense of humor, her pointed but gently tactful questions helped me release more than I would have thought possible and got me organized for my move.”

C. J. Hayden – Author, “Get Clients Now!”

“I am in the moving business and have worked for many, many professional organizers. Hands down, the best one I have ever worked for is Breeze Carlile. She has impeccable references and has an uncommon ability to equally and professionally interface with both her clientele and those with whom she contracts.”

“Having just completed another successful move with Breeze, I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for a job well done. You made a complicated project go smoothly, to the satisfaction of both our customer and our crew. I have had the good fortune to work with you on a number of projects and am always grateful for your involvement. You are efficient, organized and professional always and able to very successfully walk the fine line between satisfying your client and working successfully with our moving crew. As always, I appreciate your candor and honesty and, above all else, the level of respect you bestow on my crew and office staff.”

Amy Messinger – Owner, Cummings Moving Company

“No… thank YOU! Things went perfectly. When you get a chance, you should send me an introduction to your company’s services so I can distribute throughout the office. I’ll let you know when we’re ready to move them back in with plenty of notice since it sounds like you’re going to get busy. Thank you for making this a breeze! Take Care.”

Jessie Williams – Project Engineer, Ryan Associates

“I want to thank you so much for your team’s help. You had us almost completely unpacked in three hours, kitchen and closet organized, the pictures hung with maybe one box left. We’re settled; thanks so much. It really was a breeze! It was fabulous!”

Beth Sweetow – Resident – San Francisco Towers

“We’re grateful to Breeze Carlile for helping the family pull together a competent departure strategy. Breeze was informative, flexible, available and good natured! A great combination for a family needing to act, but still reeling from the loss of our mother. We appreciate that the [San Francisco] Towers has such a valuable service available, and I hope it will be available when I move in!”

Leslie Cooley, Ph.D. – Professor, School of Psychology Sacramento State

“Breeze was a tremendous help to me as I moved from my home of 17 years to a new home. She assisted me in everything from ‘purging’ to packing to getting unpacked, put away and organized in my new home. She coordinated the entire move, and made my life a lot easier.”

M. Nanda – Attorney – Monte Sereno

“I offer both written appraisals and verbal evaluations, based on the needs of the client or estate. Breeze knows how to use my time best for her clients. Her assessment of a resident’s personal property lets me use my time effectively whether valuing for donation purposes, equitable distribution, the IRS or insurance companies.”

Jane Alexiadis, ISA – Alexiadis Appraisals