Our Team

It’s a Breeze is as large or compact as your project requires, whether closing out your family’s 12-acre estate or downsizing to a Seniors apartment.  My core group of trusted, independent contractors has worked side by side with me for a minimum of three years in all aspects of our exacting business. Their quality and discretion is above compare. Any project, any deadline, any time. Complexity is what we do.

We always say yes!

Breeze Carlile, President

“I am driven to make every job work and really care about the outcome for my clients. What I do comes naturally to me and my reputation stands firm: I do what I say I’m going to do, when I say I’m going to do it. I am a proficient manager of my time and the time of my team and we know how to prioritize the packing and unpacking of a house… We start on time and finish on time and on budget.”

Breeze knows the unique and personal challenges faced by people in a state of transition and understands the emotional and physical stress and related challenges that accompany change. Understanding the importance of relationships and with a commitment to personalized service they entail, she’s developed sophisticated and caring systems to minimize the impact of moving on her clients.

Breeze’s goal in founding It’s a Breeze was, and is, to provide more than a superior and friendly experience to her clients, to make available the support, reassurance, partnership and especially humor required to alleviate their stress during a period of change.

Our Vendor Partners

A valuable resource and a key component in our clients’ satisfaction is our portfolio of vendor partners. Each successful in their own right, and with the same character and integrity our clients value in us –

  • they do what they say they’ll do,
  • show up on time on the days they’re scheduled,
  • and provide the service they’ve promised as estimated.

Website Credits

Lee Abel, Photography
Leah Pincus, Website Design
Suzanne Bayles, Copywriting and Content Direction
Dianna Jacobsen, Website Development