Senior Move Management and Transitions

It is our honor that we are entrusted by so many of our older clients to help them with their especially complex moves. In most cases my clients are moving from larger homes, where they raised their families, to smaller more manageable homes; including single-family homes and apartments or condos in a retirement or life-care community.

We work very closely with our clients to ensure their wellbeing as we work through which of their life-long memories, memorabilia and collectibles are going to be a part of this new home and which will be gifted to family and friends, sold and otherwise donated. It is our intention to ease the stress and confusion this transition creates by making the entire process as short and efficient as possible. We will document exactly how all property has been dispersed and provide the information as a physical file and photo binder or as an electronic document storage system.

This extensive downsizing process involves all our trusted vendors as we help our clients choose how best to benefit their bottom line is it selling, donating or gifting. We then manage the process to ensure that the wishes of our clients are carried out to the letter.

The Relief You Realize

Our extensive experience in creating beauty and order in smaller spaces and being able to recreate the comfort of their former home may appear to contrast with our work in the larger client-homes, however, it is essentially the same. Our goal is always, regardless of size, that our clients are content and confident in their new space. From the art on the walls to the personal touches that surround them, we make certain the memories that inspire and uplift our clients, the je ne sais quoi that sets their house apart and makes it home, are always present.