Sale and Donation of Extraneous Items

Often, it is the feeling of overwhelm that stops a client from getting started on the sorting process. What to do with all those outgrown or outlived items? Fortunately, we know how to make those donations really count and handle the sale and donation of personal property, furniture, art and household goods with which you are finished. Whether it’s your personal home, a property that’s been in the family for generations, or an extensive collection, we remove donations from your property, make the donations on your behalf and deliver the donation receipts to you with values assigned by IRS approved statistics.

For many clients this may be a highly specialized and custom detail of their move. It could involve the sale of pieces consigned to Michaan’s Auctions or Sotheby’s, or an onsite estate sale with Fine Estate Liquidation. It even may require a client’s designer wardrobe or wine collection be organized for a charity auction. While the donation process can stymie the overall project for some, these details are commonplace for us and we tend to them in stride.

The Relief You Realize

Because our clients buy quality pieces, the resale of these gently used items can bring much needed cash to organizations that you support emotionally and financially. As a result, your donations add to the good you choose to do in the world. When clients request our input, we are happy to introduce them to wonderful organizations where their donations will make a profound difference and outreach or support programs where a “direct donation” into the hands of the right end-user can bring deep relief and joy.