Remodel / Construction Moves

What is harder than moving your home? Moving it twice; during a partial or extensive remodel. It’s a Breeze excels at partnering with our clients to plan for these projects. All aspects of a standard residential move apply for a remodel.

We a temporary relocation is required, we help you plan the move into a rental home, and work with you to de-clutter, sort and prepare donations and/or sale of that personal property. Together we create the optimal design for the furniture that will fit into the rental house, so you know its placement in advance. We take inventory of what personal items need to be moved, including seasonal clothing and seasonal sports equipment. We know precisely what to do regarding the safe storage of extraneous furniture and object d’ art and will arrange for the packing and storage of your fine art or wine collection as well.

If it is a partial remodel then we help you design the space you will need to compensate for the parts of the house under construction such as moving the home office, kitchen or master closets to available rooms, keeping them workable and convenient.

When construction is complete, we move your home back into place to with our exceptional standards and precise timing.

The Relief You Realize

Because we understand the added stressors inherent in the construction process itself, we make certain your house or temporary home, is as functional and comfortable as possible. We know the capacity a partnership like creates for our clients. We have seen firsthand how reduced stress and thoughtful, well-managed planning positively affects our client’s children. It makes all the difference; while we tend to the details that keep you comfortable, you are there for your family.