Closet Makeover

2 team members/6 hours  $1100 – Out with the old and in with the new. Style update. Seasonal rotation. Sort, re-organize the space, institute new matching hangers, take donations and return tax donation receipt.


2 team members/6 hours*  $1100 – Set files for new tax year, organize family photos, simplify the filing system, catch up on filing, institute organizational systems and containers, create a gift wrapping area and gift drawer. Organize for tax preparation.

*Often over two days


3 team members/8 hours  $1500 – Requires pulling everything out of each nook and cranny, sorting and clearing out what is no longer needed.

  • Reorganize drawers by group: cutting utensils, baking utensils, cooking utensils.
  • Create small electrical-appliance department, the baking department, etc.
  • Sort through pantry tossing expired foods, organizing by type and use.
  • Tackle the family junk drawer and create a way to manage all the “stuff” coming in the door.
  • Update the medical/supplement cabinet.
  • Organize spices. Clean the drawers and shelves and put back completely organized in the way that works best for your life.


4 team members/8 hours  $2000* – Get your car back in the garage.

  • Sort and containerize garage contents and label as we go. Create photo inventory of contents.
  • Sort and organize by type such as kids outdoor toys, golf, camping, memorabilia, holiday decorations. Create “departments” that make sense for your active life.
  • Purchase containers and shelving, and assemble shelving.
  • Make donations and arrange junk hauling.

*Cost of purchases not included and garage package is for the average sized 2-car garage


  • Additional days available as needed.
  • If project completed faster the team will refocus on another area in the house.
  • Most projects can proceed while you are at work or play as long as the client is there for consult at beginning and end.
  • Packages are based on average sized rooms.
  • Initial client consultation is included within a 100 mile round trip radius. Households located outside this radius will pay an additional fee of $125/hour.