Move Consultation

Evaluation of your wants and needs is our first task. Together we discuss your project goals, timelines and budget to discover how we can best assist you. Based on this initial consultation, we are able to access your specific job requirements and help you plan the next steps required to meet your goals. The initial consultation is $300. When we are hired that fee is deducted from the final invoice. Yes, we are insured with a Traveler’s Insurance business liability policy that covers the Principal and our independent consultants.

Move-Related Arrangements

While our Moving Services are comprehensive and our Custom Solutions extensive, you may want to ask how we can provide the following or refer you to one of our preferred vendors to accommodate this or any other need:

  • Assembly of new furniture
  • Specialized storage and filing systems
  • Customized Music, Movies and Media Library
  • Lining Shelves and Drawers
  • Felting Furniture Legs
  • Re-design and installation of home theaters, elaborate electronic and computer systems
  • Installation of smart home technology

Please remember that we do not accept referral fees and choose to freely refer business to preferred vendors because, like us, they are the best at what they do. I believe you should have the best and I am happy to share any resource or contact that benefits you as my client.