Estate Transitions and Cleanout

We advise and work with executors, trustees and family/heirs regarding options and their best plan of action for liquidation and distribution of personal property, collections and other valuable items during a transition of ownership usually due to a death in the family, dissolution of marriage or sale of property. With the client, It’s a Breeze creates a plan and manages the entire process to completion. In general, the options for distribution are the heirs, an estate sale, donation or consignment to an auction house or reseller.

It’s a Breeze regularly works with other professionals such as trust departments, realtors, appraisers, contractors, and auction and estate sale companies to accomplish the property distribution. While the details and process differ from client to client, services could include: sorting, de-cluttering and organizing items by category and type; photographing, inventorying and/or creating a database or publication of all items; arranging for repairs, cleaning and junk removal.

What if you needed to disperse shipments of multiple items to a list of heirs across the country and the world. Can you imagine the time and research it would take to make sure that was done correctly? We make arrangements with each heir to personally distribute, pack and ship their inheritance. We handle details related to the sale, consignment and proper donation of any remaining items. Finally, we gather and deliver all donation receipts and documentation in accordance with IRS requirements.

The Relief You Realize

You have a go-to resource at your fingertips; one person with the answers you need. You have one person managing the timing and schedules of 10-30 professionals and family members; making certain the project is completed by the required deadline. As a result, you are relieved of the emotional and physical stress this would add. At a time when you have so many other priorities, allow It’s a Breeze to be your rock.