Most homes, trusts and estates contain assets that require specialty knowledge and accurate appraisals. We make the complex and often difficult task of value-assessment far easier that it would otherwise be. From art, furniture, jewelry and antiques to household possessions, collectibles, coins, stamps, silver and objects des art, we have seen it all. Our clients may have extensive and specialized collections such as military memorabilia, Tiffany windows or Native Americana; even these are easily placed in the proper hands for appraisal.

Whether a client is downsizing, splitting assets in a divorce or settling an estate, it is important that to know the exact value of each piece in order to make appropriate decisions on selling, insuring or dividing those assets. We work closely with elite appraisers locally and nationally and make this step-by-step process organized, accurate and worry free.

The Relief You Realize

When we arrange appraisals, you are better able to make informed decisions about what to do with your personal property. There might be one piece you were planning to keep until you find of that it would pay handsomely if you sold it instead; or vice versa. We make it possible for the family divide assets equitably and work with vetted professionals you can rely upon for advice and guidance. If you are suddenly in the unique position of trustee or executor, we will make what would have been complex and difficult decisions far easier for you to administer.