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full service move management

Residential Move and Estate Liquidation Management

Things that appear complex to others come naturally to me. We know how to handle the complexities that arise in a seemingly straight-forward move. Moreover, we specialize in intricate and multi-pronged moves; which we handle in stride with efficiency and grace. When It’s a Breeze manages the planning, packing, moving out/in, unpacking-in-place and finally “disappears” all the boxes and materials in a week, you are free to step right back into your life with ease.


estate appraisal of antiques and heirlooms


When we arrange appraisals, you are better able to make informed decisions about what to do with your personal property. There might be one piece you were planning to keep until you find of that it would pay handsomely if you sold it instead; or vice versa. We make it possible for the family divide assets equitably and work with vetted professionals you can rely upon for advice and guidance. If you are suddenly in the unique position of trustee or executor, we will make what would have been complex and difficult decisions far easier for you to administer.


sale and donation of extraneous items

Sale and Donation of Extraneous Items

Because our clients buy quality pieces, the resale of these gently used items can bring much needed cash to organizations that you support emotionally and financially. As a result, your donations add to the good you choose to do in the world. When clients request our input, we are happy to introduce them to wonderful organizations where their donations will make a profound difference and outreach or support programs where a “direct donation” into the hands of the right end-user can bring deep relief and joy.


shipping personal property and assets to heirs

Shipping Personal Property / Assets to Heirs

Imagine having to ship a full home-gym across country. When your move or estate dispersion requires exceptional attention to shipping, we will make all the specialized arrangements and you can rest easy knowing your family heirlooms, fine art, priceless collectables and fitness equipment are in experienced hands.


estate transitions and liquidation

Estate Transitions and Cleanout

You have a go-to resource at your fingertips; one person with the answers you need. You have one person managing the timing and schedules of 10-30 professionals and family members; making certain the project is completed by the required deadline. As a result, you are relieved of the emotional and physical stress this would add. At a time when you have so many other priorities, allow It’s a Breeze to be your rock.


Remodel and construction move management

Remodel / Construction Moves

Because we understand the added stressors inherent in the construction process itself, we make certain your house or temporary home, is as functional and comfortable as possible. We know the capacity a partnership with us creates for our clients. We have seen firsthand how reduced stress and thoughtful, well-managed planning positively affects our client’s children. It makes all the difference. While we tend to the details that keep you comfortable, you are there for your family.


Senior move management and transitions

Senior Move Management and Transitions

Our extensive experience in creating beauty and order in smaller spaces sets us apart. Being able to recreate the comfort of a former home in a smaller one, may appear to contrast with our work in the larger client-homes, however, it is essentially the same. Regardless of size, our goal is always that our clients are content and confident in their new space. From the art on the walls to the personal touches, we make certain the memories that inspire and uplift our clients, the je ne sais quoi that sets their house apart and makes it home, are always present.


custom solutions organization

Custom Solutions

Our clients have big ideas, desires and dreams and a move is the perfect time to put those plans into action. Browse our custom solutions to tailor your move or opt to experience that “just moved in” feeling without moving at all.

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