Luxury Moving Experience

Luxury moving experienceRather than being defined by the cost of a move, a “luxury moving experience” means that when you choose It’s a Breeze, you recognize the value inherent in collaboration with a professional to ensure your project is completed to the highest standards in a fraction of the time.

The 5-Day Move – Imagine your entire world transported in five fast days. That’s door to door, packed, unpacked and expertly organized. The beds are made, your new home is ready for you to resume life and you never touched a thing. “You can actually pay someone to do this?” The answer is, yes.

Because It’s a Breeze specializes in the complex relocation of substantial households, most residential and family moves can be completed in just five days. We begin on Monday and you entertain in your new home on Saturday night.

Our clients have demanding careers, dynamic lives and often, a family. We have a special place in our heart for our client’s children. In order to lessen the impact a move has on the kids, It’s a Breeze developed systems which allow us to fully move your home within that compact timeframe. There is a precise order to our process. We begin with a tailored plan we make together. We then manage your move efficiently with humor, compassion and partnership. We are the calming and steady influence required for the job. We love what we do. And it works… Every Time.