Custom Solutions

Our clients have big ideas, desires and dreams and a move is the perfect time to put those plans into action. Browse our custom solutions to tailor your move or opt to experience that “just moved in” feeling without moving at all.

Custom library, rare books

Fully Customized Library

There’s a certain elegance, ease and harmony that inhabits a library or study where the bookshelves are finely ordered. Organizing books by type and subject, then refining each shelf by height creates order in our eyes and a room that feels restful. Taking the final step to digitally catalog your collection and display your prized volumes creates a personal retreat; as relaxing as it is easy to enjoy.


Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar with Digital Inventory

Create a wish list for future purchases and know what vintages are set to expire and when, so bottles can be served, gifted or donated with intention. The best part – search your cellar electronically to find the exact bin and location of every bottle, saving time and energy.


 dream garage design and custom storage solutions

Dream Garage

A garage space designed for the way you live means less clutter in your living areas, less frustration when running kids out the door to their next game, and more time for enjoyment. Instead of looking for that crucial piece of equipment, live an organized life and teach your kids the ease that order brings.


Home makeover organize and declutter

“Just Moved In” Feeling Without Moving

This investment will add hours to your day and make sure that the things you need, and the things you play with, are where you want them when you want them.


Home staging, turn-key home sale preparation

Turn-Key Home Sale Preparation

Since we’re able to work with our clients sorting, de-cluttering and packing as part of the move process, our client feels a sense of relief and greater capacity when we are done. This leaves them better prepared for the actual move in part because they know they are moving only what they love and need.