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Professional Organizer in Berkeley CA

Looking for a professional organizer in Berkeley, CA? Great! You have landed in the right spot. I specialize in organizing large and complex households, regularly coordinate moves for my clients and handle the details involved in keeping a family comfortable during a substantial home remodeling project. Families and their “things”...
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Home Organization in San Francisco – Pt 4

As our series on home organization continues, we look at how soon-to-be parents benefit from tackling home organization BEFORE baby arrives!  We also touch on large estates and how our home organization process helps clients with vacation homes, in advance of a remodel or after a loss. At It’s a...
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Lessons in Living from a Dying Client

I am humble before her death process. Never have I seen a person turn so swiftly from enjoying a home filled only with what she loved, the beauty, and memories… to meet with choices required of someone diagnosed with an imminently terminal illness. We had JUST purged, organized and re-ordered...
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