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Earthquake Kit for Your Car

One of the overlooked disaster preparedness items is having an earthquake kit for your car.  Our It’s a Breeze clients are Bay Area business and economic leaders. In the event of an earthquake, these men and women will be leaders in the local efforts to rebuild our infrastructure and communities....
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How to Prepare for Earthquakes in California – Pt1

On the heels of our most recent of the earthquakes in California (Napa, CA 2014), we’re revisiting a post originally published at GetTheSTASH. We all need to know how to take care of ourselves and our children in the event of a natural disaster. At It’s a Breeze, our clients...
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Earthquake Preparedness in San Francisco – Going Mobile

Sometimes you need to go mobile with earthquake preparedness in San Francisco, in order to really appreciate what you are in for! Here at It’s a Breeze, we have clients that are THE business and economic leaders of our fair city. In the event of a natural disaster, our clients...
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