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The anti-clutter movement has met the anti-brown furniture movement.

…And feelings are getting hurt. Dispersal of personal property is one of the primary jobs of a business like It’s a Breeze Moving. Whether it’s because the client is downsizing, changing design style or a family needs help clearing out an estate, our job is to find a way to...
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Move Coordination Stories – Our Archives February 2011

This month is a busy one in this move coordination business! What I have seen and learned in my years in this industry… It could fill a book or three! Because we are busy with our 2014 clients, we’ll dial the clock back a few years to see what we...
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Dream Come True for Bay Area Home Organizer

SO excited! Today, unexpectedly, a dream of mine came true! Twenty years ago I created in my mind WindDance Ranch, a safe place for teens to come, to be sheltered, fed, showered, mentored, loved and hugged. Life and survival got in the way. Today We Adopted 5700 Kids In the...
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