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The many types of belongings that people possess and the many ways to get rid of what no longer is needed or serves.

The anti-clutter movement has met the anti-brown furniture movement.

…And feelings are getting hurt. Dispersal of personal property is one of the primary jobs of a business like It’s a Breeze Moving. Whether it’s because the client is downsizing, changing design style or a family needs help clearing out an estate, our job is to find a way to...
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Professional Organizer in Berkeley CA

Looking for a professional organizer in Berkeley, CA? Great! You have landed in the right spot. I specialize in organizing large and complex households, regularly coordinate moves for my clients and handle the details involved in keeping a family comfortable during a substantial home remodeling project. Families and their “things”...
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Home Organization in San Francisco – Pt 4

As our series on home organization continues, we look at how soon-to-be parents benefit from tackling home organization BEFORE baby arrives!  We also touch on large estates and how our home organization process helps clients with vacation homes, in advance of a remodel or after a loss. At It’s a...
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