Downsizing? Don’t Plan on Giving the China to Your Children


Unwanted China

When you’re planning to downsize or simply clean out your home, you’ll need to consider what to keep and what to let go. The next step will be dispersal of the furniture, dishes, art, clothing, etc. that you no longer need, want or can fit into your new home. Maybe your first thought is to invite your grown children over to take what they want.

Chances are that your adult children aren’t interested in your stuff according to syndicated columnist Marni Jameson, author of “Downsizing the Family Home – What to Save, What to Let Go”.  I know this as well from the many clients I’ve helped transition to the San Francisco Towers or to smaller residences: not all your belongings will be interesting to your grown children and grandchildren. Some, but not all.

Enjoy this article by Marni Jameson and when you’re ready to let go of what your family doesn’t want, please give me a call. I can help you put your unwanted belongings to good use elsewhere.