The Big One – Next Bay Area Earthquake

What if The Big One happened right now – are you ready?

All of us need to know how to take care of ourselves, each other and especially the children of our community in the event of the next big Bay Area earthquake.  It’s a Breeze clients are the Bay Area business and economic leaders. Because they will be called upon as leaders in the efforts to recover and rebuild, many of them, the pro-active ones, have taken steps to ensure their basic needs and those of their family are met in a disaster situation. Have you?

The short of it is, I’m tired. Tonight I thought about not taking my cell phone to bed and not charging it on the nightstand.  The gas tank is full. I know I have all I need to survive for a week and far more.  Tonight, however, I need sleep.  Please don’t let the “big one” be tonight.  I’m not up for it. And yes, I will charge my phone at my bedside – tired or not.

Not everyone thinks about earthquake readiness every night, but I do.


If the Big One Happens

Should the next Bay Area earthquake happen, I want my cell phone in immediate reach! There may be a scant window of opportunity to get a call out if it’s really bad.  What’s the weather tonight, tomorrow, this week?  The bottled water is still good, $100 in small bills in my purse, groceries in the fridge and plenty of canned goods on hand, the car kit in place for my day in the field with Peninsula clients tomorrow. Fortunately, in addition I have a Rubbermaid garden bench outside my home with my camping equipment, a full backpack of warm clothing, toiletries, freeze dried food for a week (with a self heating oven), water for a week plus first aid, rescue tools – and the list goes on.

I remember cold nights, rainy nights, windy nights – tonight it is warm and dry. Thank goodness for small favors. If the big one were tonight, while not happy, I could be comfortable-ish. And for a while I’d be in very good shape.


Are You Prepared for a Big Earthquake?

For too many in the Bay Area, “don’t let the big one be tonight” is what they hope because they swear they will take care of all this tomorrow.  “Hey, a night outside wouldn’t be too bad in THIS weather. Or would it? “My house will be fine and the bottled water and food I set aside in 2008 should still be fine. Right? My kids are tough – resilient – it would be an adventure. What if they are injured? My gas tank – I’ll fill it on the way to work in the morning. PLEASE don’t let it be tonight,” they think. If they think of it at all – and THAT is the scariest thing to me – SO many people NOT thinking about it.

Really, I hope it isn’t tonight; I need to sleep and want to dream.  However, if push came to shove, I have what I need and I’d be fine. Would you? Could you wake up to a jolt, and subsequent jolts, and be okay, comfortable even.  Could you?  If you have children or a spouse, seriously, do you have a plan?

If it’s daytime as you read this, if the Big One hit the Bay Area – the next BIG earthquake – and it hit right now? Where are you?  What would you do right now? What’s your plan? Are you prepared right NOW?


Think About Your Earthquake Preparedness Today

If you call, I have a solution. I will get your supplies in place, train your family and provide you with peace of mind. The STASH is a comprehensive disaster readiness system that we have developed. It allows you to comfortably shelter in place or travel as needed. There is a smaller Mobile STASH for your car or office and more we can discuss. However, YOU will need to pick up the phone and call.

This is ONE thing we all need to be proactive about. For ourselves, our families and our communities – Take action today. Set a plan in motion to start a DIY kit or enhance the earthquake kit you already have. Buddy up and hold each other accountable to GET IT DONE! There will be a day, or night, maybe very soon that the big one hits and you’ll be VERY glad you did!

For more information, please call Breeze Carlile, founder of Get The STASH and It’s a Breeze Moving.