Earthquake Kit for Your Car

One of the overlooked disaster preparedness items is having an earthquake kit for your car.  Our It’s a Breeze clients are Bay Area business and economic leaders. In the event of an earthquake, these men and women will be leaders in the local efforts to rebuild our infrastructure and communities. In order to ensure their basic needs are met with comfort, nourishment, communication and peace of mind, in a disaster situation, our sister-company, Get TheSTASH has developed the original and most comprehensive disaster readiness solution available.

Today, we scale it down a bit, and look at those of us driving around the Bay Area – which of you is really ready? Right now, in your car – ready! After reading this and taking action, you will be.


First in the Earthquake Kit for Your Car – Gas in the Tank

Half-full is the new EMPTY!  Very few of us like to take time out of our schedule to stop for gas. While many of our clients have these details managed for them, the overwhelming majority of Bay Area residents don’t. PLEASE, if you only take away ONE thing from this article, let it be this:  NEVER let your gas tank fall below half empty.  Think about it – if you are on the road when disaster strikes you will want enough fuel to get you, your kids and your pets home. And if you cannot make it home, at the very least, you will want to get to safety.

We see it all the time during hurricanes in Florida and the East Coast, the Gulf Coast – people running out of gas and having to abandon their vehicles, go on foot or accept a ride from a stranger.  Remember, we have bridges and overpasses! After a big earthquake, you may need to go the LONG way around while sitting for hours in traffic.

Be smart. ALWAYS keep as close to a FULL tank of gas in your car as you can.

One more thing – know your go-to spots THROUGHOUT the bay area. Have a safe-spot in Marin, San Fran, the Peninsula, the South Bay, the East Bay, Half Moon Bay, even Santa Cruz. Make sure your friends and family have your list and that you have theirs! After an earthquake, is important to know where you will go if the roads are impassable or you too run out of gas.

OR don’t run out of gas!


Carry an Earthquake Kit in Your Car

While it does not need to be ourMobile STASH kit, it does need to be a kit that is thoughtfully assembled – DIY or purchased. Our comprehensive portable STASH blends roadside assistance supplies with emergency comfort supplies. Whether our Mobile STASH or the kit you assemble yourself, there needs to be one in each car.

Most of the car supplies are ones you can use in a breakdown situation too. And should you become stranded following an earthquake, you’re really ready. Think back to the Loma Prieta quake in 1989 – if it was before your time, take a look at the photos of the road and bridge collapses and you will appreciate our concern.

Our Mobile STASH earthquake kit includes water, food bars and sources of warmth – body warmers and emergency blankets. Light sources – flashlights, led head lamps for the adults, and light-sticks. First aid kit, emergency hygiene kit and more. Families with children can add snacks, toys and games and infant/toddler hygiene items. Your warm clothes, shoes, socks, eyeglasses for each family member go into the wheeled bag when we deliver it to your door. Simply the best earthquake kit for your car.

For more information, please call Breeze Carlile, founder of Get TheSTASH, or visit our sister website: Get The STASH.