Luxury Moving Services

When choosing a luxury moving services, clients consider more than a company’s ability to pack and transport their belongings. As expected, we see to the safe pack and transport of your belongings, high-end artwork, hand-crafted furniture, precious antiques, museum- caliber pieces, family heirlooms, designer clothes, accessories and priceless valuables.

That, however, is only the start. When you walk into your new house – it has already been transformed into your New HOME!


Word of Mouth Travels Fast in this Circle

Our clients are typically referred by other clients. Why? Well, there is an intangible quality that, when added to the services we provide and the exceptional things we do for clients, seems to really make the magic happen. Perhaps our “secret ingredient” is the comprehensive series of systems we have developed to make our moving process as seamless as it is. Maybe it has all become second nature – making the move of a complex household as basic to us as breathing. It may even be our sensitivity to your feelings and the stress dynamic that accompanies moving. It is likely a combination of all three.

What ever it is, it works! Time after time. Done and done!


Luxury Moving Services

  • Full Service Move and Relocation Management
  • Remodel / Construction Moves
  • Estate Transitions & Clean-out
  • Senior Move Management and Transitions
  • Sale and Donation of Extraneous Items
  • Shipping Personal Property / Assets to Heirs
  • Appraisals
  • Secondary & Vacation Homes
  • National Moves


Custom Solutions

  • Fully Customized Library
  • Wine Cellar with Digital Inventory
  • Photo / Video Inventory for Insurance Valuation
  • In-Home Exhibition of Collections
  • Showroom Closet and Dressing Suite
  • Dream Garage
  • “Just Moved In” Feeling Without Moving
  • Large Historic Estate Dispersion
  • Turn-Key Home Sale Preparation
  • The STASH – Comprehensive Earthquake Preparedness


Moving Services that Include the Entire Family

Even as we move the material objects of your life, we take care of your family’s needs. Moving can be a stressful for adults and occasionally a traumatic experience for children.  I really “get” kids and seem to have a sense of what they need to be okay with something as significant as a move. My parents died in a plane crash when I was four and a half. I was blessed to be taken into my Aunt/Mom’s family. I think there is a space for me to contribute, other than the material things I can give in my life, through my client’s children. I had the best training through my 2nd Dad’s Boys Clubs of America in Memphis. Every kid counts and I see to it that the feelings of my client’s children are honored in our process.


What About Moving Pets, Prized Collections or the Unusual?

Our luxury moving services include special attention for your extended, furry, hairy and hairless family members as well. We’ll even make special arrangements move exotic plant collections, impressive wine cellars, large safes, grand pianos, and more. Ask, and the answer is, “Yes, we can!”

Frankly, much of what we do for certain clients would be considered white glove moving – a term which has come to mean a variety of things depending on who you ask. Look for our post in late June 2015 for more on that.

For now, if you have questions about any of our luxury moving services, including the 5 Day Move, we look forward to hearing from you.


PHOTO CREDIT – A special thank you to Lee Abel for the photo of this glorious property.