Luxury Movers in Piedmont, Berkeley and Beyond

When working with luxury movers in Piedmont and Berkeley, or anywhere for that matter, you want to walk into your new home and start living. No boxes to unpack, the home theater, entertainment systems, computers and smart home systems pre-set to your liking.  Your home is fully appointed and ready to enjoy. A luxury moving experience like this is so much more than packing your home and moving the contents from point A to point B – and THIS is exactly what we do for our clients every day!

For some we do it ALL – for others we do the pieces that they need – we always do it right – and YES is our favorite word!

Many find moving to be a long and stressful process. Until clients find us, they may wonder if the bigger home, better school, beautiful view is worth the perceived chaos of a move. Our clients, ones with large, rather complex households say, “YES, it most certainly is!” – because the complexity, details, chaos and stress associated with a move is handled for them.

As our client, you simply arrive at your new home and get back to living!


Luxury Movers & High-End Move Coordinators

When clients work with It’s a Breeze – Moving Gracefully, they have a seamless experience across the board. As a high-end move coordinator of luxury moves it is our job to coordinate all aspects of the experience.

To do this, we work with movers who maintain the standards of professionalism and privacy our clients require – we are also happy to work with your personal team of movers. In partnership with our client, we create a plan of action and timeline for the move – one that works for them and addresses specific needs or concerns regarding family logistics, children, pets, special items and collections of extreme value.

Often, in advance of a move, clients have us in to organize their home. While our client’s homes are often immaculate, well maintained and beautifully appointed there is still work to be done. A life well-lived accumulates wonderful things. We work with clients to make certain that the items we move are the things they LOVE and donate or help sell the pieces they do not. And once moved we tend to the details so their new home is expertly organized and ready for life again – the moment they walk in the door!


The 5-Day Move – Luxury Moving at its Best

Because we use our own systems to pack your home and have done so many large and extremely complex moves, we know how long each phase takes to accomplish. We regularly provide clients with our “5 Day Move.”

Organize, purge/donate/recycle/haul unwanted items, photograph and map room layouts, plan for children, plan for pets, handle plants, wrap furniture, crate specialty pieces, supervise loading of trucks and transit, unpack, organize room by room/drawer by drawer, pantry/fridge/deep freeze stocked, beds made, book on the bedside table where you left it, art hung, flowers arranged, collections displayed, boxes disappeared – everything immaculate and ready for the reveal. And EVERY time it wows our clients!

Yes. ALL in 5 Days.

PHOTO CREDIT – A special thank you to Lee Abel for the photo of breathtaking tah Mah Lah in Portola Valley, CA – Our overarching goal was to create the best in class: high design aesthetic and regenerative.” It is an impressive project and wonderful property – Please explore at your leisure.