Door to Door Moving

Yes, it is THAT easy! Door to door moving in a way you have only dreamed it could be. We hear it all the time from our clients. New clients are always surprised by the level of service we provide – service to match their needs stride for stride and attention to detail that goes far beyond the expected. We provide a moving experience unlike any other. Clients tell me that when they first walk through the door of their new home, it feels wonderfully comfortable – as if they had lived there for 6 months and walked in on a day when the cleaners just left. Day one and it feels like home!


Moving Services Bound to Impress

Ever consider what it would be like to have someone other than you handle all the details of your next moving experience? Convinced that your large home or estate is too much for anyone to handle in a way that meets your expectations and truly works for you? Wish you could find someone to expertly manage your move from door to door so that you could get back to the foundation, the business and  your family?

Simply put – we are all action! Our clients are far too busy to be mired in the details of a move. They turn to us when it is time to get things done. And whatever they need, we say, “yes.” Period!

Full Service Move & Relocation Management – What looks complex and chaotic to others is easy for me and the team at It’s a Breeze Moving to organize and manage. When complexities arise in a move, we have the experience and resources to provide an immediate solution. We specialize in the intricate, multi-faceted moves of large households and relocations within the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

Remodel/Construction Moves – Living through a major remodel can be tough and stressful – even when you have a 6,000 square foot home. There are times when a temporary move-out or long vacation is in order, however, there are times when a client needs to live in the house during the remodel process. When this occurs we maximize comfort and make the experience surprisingly functional. Having a partner focused on the day to day ease of you and your family makes all the difference. That is what we are here to provide.

Senior Move Management – Because we have so much experience creating beauty and order in spaces of varying size, we take great care to bring the comfort, heart and elegance of a former home into your new and smaller one. Regardless of square footage, our goal is always the same – we want clients to be content and confident in their home. From the art on the walls to the personal touches, we go out of our way to preserve the things that inspire and uplift our clients, the je ne sais quoi that sets their house apart and makes it home to them.

White Glove Moving – Some clients want museum-level care taken with their belongings. In addition, they plan to be out of the country on business or vacation when it occurs. We encourage it! You have much better things to do with your time. Whatever clients require, we deliver. A detailed, photo/video inventory of your home and property – done.  Email and/or video updates on progress – done. Have the move handled so you walk out of the old home and into the new with everything in better shape than before you left – done.  As much or as little contact and involvement as you like – gloves or no gloves. Done and done!

Vacation Home Prep & Close – Very often your seasonal home is quiet much of the year. Before you arrive we swoop in and enliven the space. We restock, reorganize and refresh everything. Growing families have changing needs, so when we arrive ahead of you we take care of those details. Un-box the diapers, attach the training wheels, inflate the basketball, receive the florist, fill the fridge, have gadget chargers at the ready, fill up the ATVs or snowmobiles and anything else required. Your vacation starts the moment you walk through the door. And when you leave, we see that it is spotless and buttoned up.

Estate Transitions & Clean-out – Life events that lead to the sale of a family estate are rarely happy ones. Very often emotions are raw and tensions are high – you need a go-to resource that you can trust. One that will be responsive, fair, respectful, discreet trustworthy and exceptionally sensitive. All that AND you want someone to come in and get the hard stuff done and done right! You want an expert with answers. You want ONE person managing the timing and schedules of 10-30+ professionals and coordinating  family members. You want to know things will be completed by a required deadline. You want to be relieved of emotional and physical stress so you can do what YOU need to do for yourself and your family. That is precisely what we do.

Custom Solutions – Our clients have bold passions, big ideas, luxurious desires and daring dreams! A move is the perfect to indulge any of these. With our custom solutions we see that your new home is a reflection of everything on your current wish-list. Before you move in we create the showroom closet and dressing room, build out the state of the art wine cellar or gallery space in your home. If you want it, see it, dream it – we can make it happen.

5-Day Move – Door to Door – We always start with a plan that we create together. We work room by room to identify what you love, what you use most often and what will stay for function, fun or because it’s fabulous. Anything else we recycle, donate or remove. Pre-move preparation includes room by room photos, a detailed layout of furniture and storage areas to ensure proper placement in your new home, and a discussion of any items that will be needed in the kitchen or elsewhere when they arrive to the new home after their 5-day move. We address special handling of pets, plants and priceless objects. Door to door – packed – moved – unpacked, organized and put away – ready for life once again.

Oh, and the boxes and packing materiel? Poof! Gone, like they were never there!