Get Organized in Oakland CA

Okay, ready to get organized in Oakland CA? Perfect! In finding our blog you are well on your way to having you home organized in ways that defy expectation. Oakland home-owners call me for very complicated home-organization and move coordination jobs. The types of organizing jobs we do here at It’s a Breeze often have many moving parts and appear quite complicated. It is all in a day’s work for us. Our Oakland clients often have families, a very busy life and the homes of these C-level executives are in the hills. In this world, time is money and family is everything. On these projects we take special care to include the kids on aspects of the project that involve them. One’s space is very personal and each family member has their own set of needs. Fact: We can make it ALL work!


Why Get Organized in Oakland?

Time and space! Often, clutter is the straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back. It is difficult for a home to run efficiently and with ease, while in a perpetual state of chaos.  Our clients in Oakland, CA, all around the East Bay and in San Francisco want a professional organizer who really knows their stuff.  Simply put, I have a way of getting things done.  I listen. More than that, it is knowing what questions to ask and the order in which it’s best to ask them – it makes all the difference! It is the partnership that my client and I develop which allows me to determine what will ultimately work for them. Far from one-size-fits-all,  the special organizational systems I have honed through my years on the job are tailored to each client. Clients get organized faster because I streamline the process.


12 Reasons People Hire a Professional Organizer

Oh, there are SO may reasons. Those Oakland and East Bay clients who want to get organized have hired It’s a Breeze because:

  1. They want to get organized ahead of a pending move and only move the things they love
  2. They are ready to create the relaxed home of which they’ve always dreamed
  3. They feel overwhelmed by the clutter and chaos, want to pare down and cannot seem to start
  4. They are tired of the status quo and ready to re-imagine their space and its functionality
  5. They want to create change in their home that mirrors a personal transformation
  6. They are expecting and need to organize and safely prepare their home for baby
  7. They have a growing family and need to remodel while living in the house
  8. They have experienced a divorce or one of life’s other curveballs and are done with the status quo
  9. They are soon to have an empty nest and would like to re-purpose certain rooms
  10. They have had a death in the family and need visible change in order to really get back to living
  11. They want a professional organizer who can also coordinate the extensive details during a large remodel
  12. They hope to find an organizer/move coordinator who can do a move-out/move-in in only 5 days!


Get Organized in Oakland and Experience the 5-Day Bay Area Move

Yes! You heard right! Once you are organized, our 5-day move becomes easy! That’s packed, moved, unpacked in its proper place, your book back on your end-table, beds made, toys and sports gear ready to go! In just five short days, you are moved and your new home is perfectly appointed and ready for you to receive guests for an intimate dinner party or kick back with the kids and a movie. Oh, and the boxes and packing materials are LONG gone! Getting organized in Oakland has major benefits… Want to know more? Please give a call.