Professional Organizer in Berkeley CA

Looking for a professional organizer in Berkeley, CA? Great! You have landed in the right spot.

I specialize in organizing large and complex households, regularly coordinate moves for my clients and handle the details involved in keeping a family comfortable during a substantial home remodeling project. Families and their “things” grow over time – rather than impose order, we work together to create workable spaces that remain organized even after I leave. So, if you were on the internet looking for a professional organizer in Berkeley, the East Bay,  on the Peninsula, or in San Francisco – I would be happy to discuss what I can do to organize your home.


Why a Professional Organizer in Berkeley?

Clients in Berkeley and throughout the East Bay look for a professional organizer for all sorts of reasons. While many clients are simply tired of the clutter and find space at a premium, ultimately clients who hire me for an organization project want to:

  • Get organized before move and save money on the move itself
  • Organize before the new baby and rest easier knowing their home is safe
  • Create change in their home in order to reinforce a personal transformation
  • Re-purpose rooms after the kids have left home so the space works better for them
  • Create a relaxed personal sanctuary and the home of which they have dreamed
  • Move beyond grief after a death and create a new relationship with their space
  • Buck the status quo and re-imagine  a space in support of a new interest or business
  • Regroup after divorce or one of life’s curveballs – goodbye to chaos – hello new life!


Choosing a Professional Organizer in Berkeley

If you are ready to begin… it all starts with a call. I work with many of Berkeley’s fantastic residents to organize a variety of spaces, from typical  homes to large luxe-houses. Historic estates, with several buildings on the property have presented some of the most unique and detail-intensive challenges. My job is to say, YES, and get it done!  Vacation homes especially benefit from the touch of a professional organizer – the more organized and ordered your space, the more relaxed and at peace you feel.  Your get-away home really can be the tranquil sanctuary of which you have dreamed – even with your family there!

If you are weighing your options… and looking for that ONE professional organizer best suited to you, the one you trust in your home and with your heirloom possessions, the one that really understands the multiple moving parts of your family’s life… feel free to explore my website and read some of the comments from our clients. They say it best. If you have questions, I encourage you to call or drop me an email.


Professional Organizer for Older Parents

In addition to the work I do with Berkeley families, I enjoy organizing those wise elders in our midst. Seniors, transitioning from the long-held family home into a condo or smaller house require particular consideration. My aim is to make their space more manageable as we maintain the grace, style, and refinement that the time in their home has perfected.

This process is sometimes a very delicate one and requires patience. With space, encouragement and understanding, my older clients find meaningful ways to part with important pieces acquired over a lifetime. Sometimes we gift items to family and I make arrangements to have pieces delivered – across country if needed.  Other times we donate to many of Berkeley’s wonderful service organizations. I have organized fundraising auctions for collections of one-of-a-kind designer gowns and utilized my vast connections to help clients sell pieces of their art and book collections, their extensive accessory collection and wardrobe, even antiques and rare musical instruments.

For the adult children of our senior Berkeley residents – You may find my services to be extremely valuable. Finding a professional organizer in Berkeley, CA or anywhere in the Bay Area with the level of care and compassion I’d have for your parents would be a tall order.  If you give me a call I am happy to answer your questions or address any concerns on the phone. It you are ready to take more immediate action, we can schedule a time to meet in person to take a look at your parent’s home and see what would be involved.

When you are ready to get started with a professional organizer in Berkeley, or anywhere in the East Bay, I am here for you.