What is a Move Coordinator – Part 2

What is a move coordinator? In Part 1 of this 2-part post we answered the question “what is a move coordinator” and looked at what a move coordinator does. We also discussed how It’s a Breeze differs from other move coordination companies with – Our five day move!  To be clear, that’s packed, moved, unpacked and looking like a show-home so you are ready to entertain or spend a quiet night with your family or favorite book… Just 5 Days!

In this post we’ll look at what a move coordinator charges and why you might want to hire one for your next move.


What is a Move Coordinator Going to Charge?

Each move coordinator has their own process when it comes to charging for the work that they do. You’ll want to work with someone willing to sit down with you ahead of time, someone who listens and works WITH you. Look for a move coordinator who wants to understand the things that are important to YOU – someone who wants to know what YOU expect to accomplish in the process.

What is a move coordinator going to charge? The charge for services often depends upon things like the duration of the project, what the move coordinator does for you, their level of expertise and the roster of vetted vendors they bring to the table. Keep in mind that even the best move coordinator can pay for them self in money, time and sanity saved! And when you work with a move coordinator who is also a member of NAPO (National Organization of Professional Organizers) you receive the added benefit of becoming more organized in the process.

At It’s a Breeze there is so much we do for clients. Because of this, our clients continue to be surprised and relieved to discover the depth and breadth of our move coordination services. What is a move coordinator, what do they do for their fee and where’s the real benefit? Well, because we can do so much, it frees our clients to do other things – take care of their family, tend to their companies, run their foundations – whatever they do, they are excited to hand-off so much of the move-process to professionals who have their best interest at heart.


What Else Does a Move Coordinator Do?

We gather cost estimates and vet vendors for everything from movers, painters and stagers to repair people, plumbers and IT and home-theater install specialists – whatever service or need that arises in the process of selling your home and moving into your new one, we handle. We coordinate with your realtor, contractor and family, whoever is involved in or affected by the move. We estimate and organize the time-line, pack, unpack, disappear boxes and packing supplies. For executive relocations we work with your corporate HQ and facilitate a smooth transition to your new city and line up reservations for dinner on Wednesday night! And that is only one small part of it.

Have 50 stunning, designer gowns that need auctioned for charity?  Yes! We do that!
Need a grand piano hoisted from window of your San Francisco condo?… Yes! We do that!
Want your VAST estate  inventoried and distributed to heirs around the world… Yes! We do that too!

What is a move coordinator? Someone who says YES to these things… THAT is a move coordinator!


Why Would I Hire a Move Coordinator?

What is a move coordinator going to benefit me? Bottom line is ease and efficiency! Sure you can go DIY, and very often our clients have the ability to manage the chaos and details of the move on their own, however, they lack the time to handle things in the most efficient way possible. They see that time is money and when THEIR time is at a premium; our move coordination service allows them to get packed, moved, settled and back to work and life!

If you have a pending move and would like to discuss how working with a move coordinator would make your life easier and your move a breeze, I look forward to hearing from you. I am happy to answer your questions and elaborate on the services we provide. In the meantime I encourage you to read what some of our clients have to say.