What is a Move Coordinator – Part 1

People want to know, what is a move coordinator? What does a move coordinator doing for the client? And why on earth would someone want to hire one? All great questions!


So, What is a Move Coordinator?

A move coordinator is someone who takes the guesswork out of the moving process. We are your ally and advocate in the moving process. More specifically we are here to handle the minutia as well as the extreme details and logistics that accompany a move. Complexity, details and moving parts create stress – we are here to alleviate that stress, handle ALL the details and moving parts so this is Your Best Move EVER!

Even the most straightforward jobs benefit from the assistance of a move coordinator. We are there when you cannot be, when you need more hands or an outside perspective. On the more complex jobs, when the moving parts of a vast household, like an aging parent,  large family or home business are added to the mix, details can be overwhelming, and that’s where we really shine. It’s a Breeze Moving is there as your partner. Together, we create a plan that serves you, your family, your business and your sanity. It is really that simple.

When people ask, “Breeze, what is a move coordinator?” I say, ”THIS move coordinator is the person who says YES to whatever you need.”  It is our job to make certain this move is the easiest, most enjoyable move you have ever had.


And What is a Move Coordinator Doing?

The job description of a move coordinator often differs from one company to another. As someone who is both home organizer and move coordinator, the skills, expertise and mastery I bring to the table are likely more that what many move coordinators do. Having coordinated moves for  the Who’s Who of the Bay Area, you can bet we have more than ability and discretion, we have created systems that make it possible for us to pack, move and unpack a large luxury home in FIVE days!

That means, when we walk in on Monday, you are packed, moved, unpacked in place (the book on your night-stand where you left it, pantry stocked and flowers in  vases throughout the house, ready to entertain guests in your new home, showroom ready, on Friday!

It is best to find a move coordinator that suits your specific needs. One who is willing to work with you to handle the details you would rather not handle yourself. What is a move coordinator expected to do? Everything! And that is no exaggeration! The lengths to which we go for our clients often defy the possible. With some jobs it may be a simple matter of managing logistics for a busy stay-at-home parent, for others it may require a full inventory of the contents of nine buildings on vast property – as a family closes out and distributes the physical contents of a multi-generational Estate.

For It’s a Breeze, it’s all in a day’s work!
What is a Move Coordinator – Part 2, (scheduled for March 3, 2015) looks at what a move coordinator charges and more reasons why people hire them. In the meantime, if you have questions, I would love for you to be in touch.