Moving Made Easy – San Francisco & Peninsula

“Moving made easy” is what we do; and it is luxury all the way. Last year I was interviewed by Gentry Wealth and explained what moving made easy means to me and the clients served by It’s a Breeze. In it we discuss the role of a “move coordinator” and how engaging one to orchestrate the details of your move is part of the process.


Moving Made Easy – A Requirement for Clients

Our clients are busy professionals with corporations, complex households and families to they must tend. For them, moving made easy is more than wishful thinking, it is an absolute requirement. They hire It’s a Breeze for the ease, speed and attention to detail that we bring to their job. In the interview in Gentry Wealth, we talk about what clients can expect when we coordinate their move and give examples of the over-the-top, custom solutions we provide to our clients. Browse the entire issue of Gentry Wealth magazine online HERE. Or download print-friendly, no-frills PDF HERE.



Moving Made Easy Explained by a Client

“As far back as the ancient Greeks, the shell of the chambered nautilus has been a symbol of perfection. Let this attribute serve as my analogy for the services offered by your company. You and your amazing staff navigated our move with unparalleled organization and the utmost professionalism, sensitivity and attention to detail. Never once were we caught in a downward spiral and thanks to It’s a Breeze, life has returned to normal in just a short period of time. With all our belongings tucked properly into their appropriate chambers we are thoroughly enjoying life in our new home. All the best.”

Jennifer Hocking – San Francisco

If you have questions about how our services can bring the luxury moving experience to your next move, please be in touch. I am happy to answer your questions.