Home Organization in San Francisco – Pt 3

Home organization is quite the Hot Topic these days! With all the stores, shows and containers out there today, you would think they are trying to tell us something – Get Organized! In the last post we talked about the many ways home organization could pay for itself and make your life more enjoyable. Today, we cover downsizing and in the next post, baby-proofing – Both life events make home organization a must!


Home Organization for Downsizing

The home organization and letting go of a life’s worth of contents from the family home can be a daunting task. It’s a Breeze regularly works with San Francisco and Bay Area residents to do just that. Because home organization comes easily to us we make it easy on our clients. As with any other move, home organization can pay for itself in several ways; you have less to move and save money there, you present a clutter-free home to buyers and make it easier to stage your home, this in turn yields top dollar and multiple offers. More money!


Family Home Organization – Downsizing Creates Questions

When thinking about home organization and downsizing the family home or estate, you will find benefits in addition to financial ones we highlighted. Transitioning out of the family home is likely to bring up all sorts of practical and emotional issues. Your daughter in Boston has always loved the crystal chandelier and your son in Chicago has had his eye on the Baby Grand on which he first learned to play. How on earth do you manage that? You have a wardrobe of designer pieces and are ready to let go – Where will they do the most good or command the best price? The emotions that arise when letting go of the things that have defined your life – How does one navigate THAT and stay on track? When taking a 6000+ home in Atherton and downsizing into a 3br apartment/condo in San Francisco, how does one begin to address home organization on that scale?


Downsize with It’s a Breeze Delivers Home Organization Answers

Fortunately, It’s a Breeze provides answers to all these questions! We get that chandelier crated and shipped by experts to Boston, the Baby Grand arrives easily in Chicago, your designer wardrobe and accessories fetch 35K for your favorite charity and the emotions that arise during the home organization process and subsequent move are handled with compassion and ease.

Home organization REALLY comes in especially handy when scaling back from 6000+ square feet to 2000 square feet! We know precisely what it takes to consolidate your home in a way that maintains the important qualities of home. And, should you like to take home organization to the ultimate, let It’s a Breeze coordinate you entire move so you walk into your new HOME – Unpacked! Your book on the nightstand – Right where it was in your old home! Fridge and pantry stocked! Your closets perfectly appointed! And all boxes unpacked, contents put away and all evidence of your move erased!


Moving From a House to a Brocklebank Apartment in San Francisco

Sometimes we just need to let our clients speak for us…

“Do yourself a BIG favor and listen to Breeze. She suggested we go away for the weekend as she moved us from our house to a Brocklebank apartment. We are so glad we took her advice. We left on Friday and arrived at our new apartment on Sunday to find all of our furniture in place, most boxes unpacked and my office arranged just the way I wanted. Breeze gently pushed us out the door and told us to leave for several hours so her crew could finish up….4 hours later we returned for about 1/2 hour and Breeze gently showed us the door once again. That night we could sleep in our apartment and by the second night everything was unpacked and put in exactly the correct place. Hiring Breeze’s service was a great investment and we recommend her without any hesitation. “Money well spent” ~ Adrienne & Norman – San Francisco, CA


Home Organization and “Bringing Home Baby”

In our next post in this series we look at how our home organization benefits soon to be parents. Beyond that we’ll look at the particulars of home organization and the large luxury home or family estate. And then review the benefit and support that comes with home organization for your vacation home, in advance of a remodel or after a loss. We look forward to having you back.