Home Organization in San Francisco – Pt 2

In our last post we looked at home organization in San Francisco and the Bay Area, and looked at some of the ways our clients use home organization to maximize their time and meet the demands of a busy life. We looked at the types of jobs we do by way of move coordination and home organization in San Francisco and down the Peninsula. Here we’ll explore those in more depth so you can get a better idea of how we help our clients and deliver home organization that exceeds their wildest dreams. Really!


Single Family Home Organization

Many of our clients have families. It’s a Breeze home organization looks at your household as a system that needs to WORK! We provide a home organization process that addresses the needs of everyone in your family so that your house does just that! Our job is to provide home organization solutions that help things function across the board for everyone; solutions that, once in place, are sustainable over time.

Beyond that, our job is to work with you AND stay out of your way. After all, just because we are there working our home organization magic, doesn’t mean that your life comes to a stop. You are BUSY!  Fortunately we know how to deftly move from spot to spot, as we get things done and stay out from under foot. When the home organization is complete your space is easy to use – Your belongings can be found and put away faster, harmony is restored to your home and your time is freed up to work, play and enjoy life!


Home Organization Before a Move Can Pay for Itself

As you plan a move, home organization may be the LAST thing you want to consider, however, it is the FIRST thing you should do – And here’s why! By addressing home organization first, you make your life and your move that much easier and lighter. THAT in and of itself can save you money because there is physically LESS to move – Well done you!

“My husband and I were thrilled with Breeze’s professionalism and calm demeanor. She helped us to prepare and plan for our move, to clean out the unnecessary clutter we had accumulated, and to find a high quality moving company. She and her staff executed on this plan perfectly! My husband couldn’t believe how organized our house was after Breeze moved us in. We can’t imagine moving without Breeze!”~ Anne & Robert, San Francisco


The Process of Home Organization and Your Move

You start your move and the packing process with everything in its place; any clutter, old and tired furniture, broken toys, trinkets and tools are GONE! You are left with ONLY what you love, what you need and what you really want to keep. From there we can work together with you and your realtor to determine what to pack, store and and use to stage your home. This is where it really gets exciting!

Home organization means a clutter-free space, that when staged, will make your house show really well. Many San Francisco Bay Area Realtors will tell you that creating a clean, beautiful space and then staging your home, can translate into a higher offer. And then, depending on the market, it could even yield multiple offers. THAT means the home organization you did with It’s a Breeze may actually pay for itself and quite possibly turn a profit for you!


The Next Move in Home Organization

In our next posts in this series, we will look at some other ways our clients use home organization to make their lives easier. From home organization before “Bringing Home Baby” to home organization that needs to happen as you downsize the family house – It’s a Breeze takes home organization to the next level.