Find a Move Coordinator in San Francisco

“Wow, we did not know that we could find a move coordinator in San Francisco!” It’s true! It is MUCH easier to find a move coordinator when you know they exist!

This comes up frequently when people ask me about the work I do. Most folks are familiar with hiring a professional organizer; however, the idea that they could have someone actually coordinate ALL the details of their move is often a total surprise.

San Francisco is a city of many surprises. The Peninsula and East Bay as well… each area has its intricacies. When you partner with a move coordinator, those complexities, stresses and ever-present details of moving are handed over to a professional. This frees you to focus on work, family or fun and allows ENJOY your move!


How to Find a Move Coordinator in San Francisco

If you live in the Bay Area it is easy to find a move coordinator in San Francisco, the Peninsula or East Bay… Simply pick up the phone and give me a call. If you live elsewhere in the country, start with your friends. Ask within your social media networks, your professional networks, search online to find a move coordinator in San Francisco or in you specific geographic area. When you know what you are looking for it is easier to find a move coordinator who can bring you the ease and order needed for a stress-free move.


When Clients Find a Move Coordinator – Moves are a Breeze!

While all move coordinators are not equally skilled, if you know what to l to look for you will be ahead of the curve. More than simply grace under pressure, your move coordinator needs to have a skilled, vetted and experienced team at the ready. Because our clients have large, complex households and include the Who’s Who of San Francisco, the team is of paramount importance to It’s a Breeze. If you can find a move coordinator with the ability to help their client manage the emotions and stress that accompany a move in addition to the physical “stuff” that needs moved, you will be in great shape!

Moving with a Move Coordinator

We find or clients say it best! Below are some comments received from clients who have hired It’s a Breeze as their move coordinator. You are always welcome to call or email with questions about a pending move or for suggestions that will help you find a move coordinator in your area.

“Do yourself a BIG favor and listen to Breeze. She suggested we go away for the weekend as she moved us from our house to a Brocklebank apartment. We are so glad we took her advice. We left on Friday and arrived at our new apartment on Sunday to find all of our furniture in place, most boxes unpacked and my office arranged just the way I wanted. Breeze gently pushed us out the door and told us to leave for several hours so her crew could finish up….4 hours later we returned for about 1/2 hour and Breeze gently showed us the door once again. That night we could sleep in our apartment and by the second night everything was unpacked and put in exactly the correct place. Breeze coordinated with the moving company and with our terrific interior decorator. Hiring Breeze’s service was a great investment and we recommend her without any hesitation. Money well spent.”


“My husband and I were thrilled with Breeze’s professionalism and calm demeanor. She helped us to prepare and plan for our move, to clean out the unnecessary clutter we had accumulated, and to find a high quality moving company. She and her staff executed on this plan perfectly! My husband couldn’t believe how organized our house was after Breeze moved us in. We can’t imagine moving without Breeze!”


“As far back as the ancient Greeks, the shell of the chambered nautilus has been a symbol of perfection. Let this attribute serve as my analogy for the services offered by your company. You and your amazing staff navigated our move with unparalleled organization and the utmost professionalism, sensitivity and attention to detail. Never once were we caught in a downward spiral and thanks to It’s a Breeze, life has returned to normal in just a short period of time. With all our belongings tucked properly into their appropriate chambers we are thoroughly enjoying life in our new home. All the best.”


“Breeze was a tremendous help to me as I moved from my home of 17 years to a new home. She assisted me in everything from ‘purging’ to packing to getting unpacked, put away and organized in my new home. She coordinated the entire move, and made my life a lot easier.”


Attributions for these reviews and additional Reviews and Testimonials from It’s a Breeze clients can be found HERE.