Prepare the Garage for an Earthquake

Prepare the garage for an earthquake – Seems easy enough. Frankly we all need to step up our game and do more to prepare for the next Bay Area earthquake. All of us need to know where the flammable items are in our homes, storage areas and yes, we need to prepare the garage for an earthquake. Let’s look at ways to minimize the risk of fire and explosions and be proactive by keeping those flammable materials in check!

Here at It’s a Breeze, our clients are business and economic leaders of the Bay Area. In the event of a natural disaster, they will be leaders in the efforts to rebuild. We are here to ensure their basic needs are met in a disaster situation, with comfort, nourishment, communication and peace of mind. This is why I share this with you now. A good place to start is by not… Burning down the house!

This is a re-post of an article from our sister website – Get The STASH


Prepare the Garage for an Earthquake by Removing Hazardous Materials

This is relevant to The STASH because a city of houses each sitting with 50 gallons of flammable, gaseous hazmat that gets toppled over, all “shook up” and forced from its containers during an earthquake sounds like a big problem to me!

I’m talking about proper disposal of residential household hazardous materials i.e. household cleaners, leftover paint and solvents and common gardening supplies such as fertilizers and pesticides.  This is for a client’s home in San Francisco where he accumulated these items over the 13 years he lived there.  Now that he has moved out and a renter is moving in we wanted to clean these things out.


Free Hazardous Waste Pick in San Francisco – A Great way to Prepare for an Earthquake… When it Works!

Fortunately for San Franciscans you can call for the free Door to Door Household Hazardous Waste Pick-up Service. Just call 415-330-1405 and make an appointment.  We did and they came and picked up HALF of what we had. Turns out you need to be really good at estimating and really precise about what you have or they won’t take it. Visit the Recology website to learn more about hazardous materials pick-up.

Frustratingly for me they will now not return my calls to get the other half picked up. Now they say my client is a landlord and does not qualify for this service.  He was lucky to get it the first time. We will have to deliver it ourselves, but only 15 gallons at a time so that is about 4 trips but you can only go once a week. So it goes back in the storeroom. For now.

Learn more about how and where to drop-off hazardous materials in San Francisco – Click here.


As You Prepare the Garage for an Earthquake – Keep Trying to Do the Right Thing

If you are a homeowner, reduce your environmental danger in advance of an earthquake by properly and legally recycling the household waste stacked in your basements, closets and garages.

Call your local Police department or county offices for suggestions or resources. Look online for resources or ask your City or Town Council members. Keep at it!

And MOST important… When you find a great resource, share it with your friends and the world via social media like Facebook or Twitter! Let’s get properly cleaned up people!

For more information, please call Breeze Carlile, founder of Get TheSTASH, or visit our sister website: Get The STASH.