How to Prepare for Earthquakes in California – Pt 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our post about How to Prepare for Earthquakes in California.

In Part 1 (link to pt 1) we looked at what it really means to be prepared and I provided you with a link to many earthquake preparedness resources right here on our site. In part two we will look at ways in which we can be caught off-guard, and what we can do about it. What is it they say about chance favors the prepared mind? Well in the event of one of our earthquakes in California, your chance of survival relies upon on your prepared plan of action.

The Importance of a Plan
The Middle of a Crisis is NOT the Time to Make One!

Experience is a tough teacher! Twice in the past 3 months I have found myself in a medical emergency. And both times I did not have a plan or a team in place. I have thorough plans in place for the BIG events, however, I had forgotten the importance of the small things, that can also be big events!

During these emergencies, one with my seizing cat and once for me, I was caught off guard. I didn’t know where the emergency vet clinic was, I didn’t even have a family vet, no trusted, pet-owning friend, with whom I could consult. And then when my knee and ankle were suddenly and painfully inflamed, same thing, no primary care doctor chosen, and an incomplete team of experts on speed-dial. Both events were emotionally exhausting, expensive to treat, and took their toll.

And, yes, even I had to re-learn the truth… for things big, bigger, biggest: “The time to make a plan IS NOT in the middle of an emergency!” I guarantee that will be true in an earthquake.

Prepare Ahead of Time and Be Your Best

Sure, it takes some time up front. And yes, you are incredibly busy with not a moment to spare. And still… YES, you are going to have to FIND the time… MAKE the time to do this!

The great news is that once you have your preparation in place, you have peace. Being prepared allows you to be graceful. Without it you cannot be your best self, you will react instead of act. Lack of Preparation = Reduced Response Ability…
We Aim to Increase Your Response Ability!

It’s what they say on an airplane. You have to put that oxygen mask on yourself FIRST… before you are in a place to help others – Your kids, older parents, friends, elderly neighbors. Think of your “Plan for Earthquakes in California” as your oxygen mask; a pro-active way of helping them too!

So, How Do You Prepare for an Earthquake in CA?

Get Started! Yes, it is as simple as that!

Get a buddy, a preparation buddy, could be a friend, a colleague, member of your family, but get together! Set goals, stick to the timeline, get serious, and really… REALLY hold each other to task!

Help each other get in action… Get Started Today! Call or text a friend and start the ball rolling… Right Now!

And if you’d like more information about our comprehensive earthquake preparedness systems ( for personal use, family, or business), please call Breeze Carlile, founder of Get TheSTASH, or visit Get The STASH.

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