How to Prepare for Earthquakes in California – Pt1

On the heels of our most recent of the earthquakes in California (Napa, CA 2014), we’re revisiting a post originally published at GetTheSTASH.

We all need to know how to take care of ourselves and our children in the event of a natural disaster. At It’s a Breeze, our clients are business and economic leaders, and in the event of the “big one” they will also be leaders as we rebuild. It’s a Breeze and GetTheSTASH are here to ensure our leaders and their families have more than their basic needs met in a disaster situation. We believe it is possible to have comfort, nourishment, communication and peace of mind in a crisis. This is why I share this with you now.

You may view this post at our sister website – Get The STASH – Originally titled: “Being Prepared for Life, Natural Disasters and Earthquakes” – Republished with slight modifications.

Earthquakes in California and Years of Moving Clients

I have two businesses. The first is It’s a Breeze – Moving Gracefully. For 11yrs now, (nearly 15yrs as of this republish date), I have managed residential moves for complex households and provided household organization for the same. The second, is a premium emergency preparedness product called The STASH. Two different products that offer the same outcome: The reduction of stress and chaos on the community, family and body. My goal is to replace suffering – with grace.

Preparation is Key during Earthquakes in California

It is all about BEING PREPARED… It’s the same for moving as it is for earthquakes in California. BEING PREPARED is more than knowing what to do. BEING PREPARED is more than having a plan. You do need to know what to do, and you do need to have a plan, and still that isn’t enough. Being prepared is being responsible – it is Response Ability Your ability to respond during significant events in your life.

What events am I talking about?

Well, we can choose to be prepared for life events such as birth, marriage, divorce, a job change, a move, ill health or disability, and death. Death is a big one. We can also be prepared for natural events such as earthquakes, floods (even just a broken water heater ruining your stored memorabilia), or falling trees, and summer fires.

The successful navigation of these life-events is determined, in large part, by your degree of preparedness.

Preparation for Earthquakes in California or Other Disasters

Preparation allows you to be present to the event and its impact (good or bad) instead of flailing, failing or being distracted. I hate to sound like a Kaiser Permanente ad here, however, when you do the work to prepare, you can do more than survive your life after an earthquake – You Can Thrive!

What do I mean by “Being prepared”? I mean making a plan, sharing that plan, having supplies, having a system, having a team in place. It means…

  • Do you have your ducks in a row?
  • Are your legal affairs handled?
  • Do you have doctors and healers chosen and in place?
  • Does your office organization support you?
  • Is your home a sanctuary for you and your family or a prison of undone tasks?
  • Are you along just for the ride or have you designed a future that inspires you and pulls you forward?
  • Are you ready for THE BIG ONE?

Resources to Help You Prepare for Earthquakes in CA

I have been blogging on ways to prepare for Earthquakes in California for years now and have amassed plenty of helpful info that will help you put your plan together. Please take a look. We have wonderful resources for FAMILIES with small children. For them, we know, it will be especially tough… We aim to make it easier!

If you’d like more information about our comprehensive earthquake preparedness systems (personal ,family, or business), please call Breeze Carlile, founder of Get TheSTASH, or visit Get The STASH.

Please return on Tuesday, September 16, 2014 for Part 2 of this post.