Earthquake Preparedness in San Francisco – Going Mobile

Sometimes you need to go mobile with earthquake preparedness in San Francisco, in order to really appreciate what you are in for! Here at It’s a Breeze, we have clients that are THE business and economic leaders of our fair city. In the event of a natural disaster, our clients will also be leaders in the efforts to rebuild. Because we want to ensure their basic needs are met in the event of an earthquake, we offer comfort, nourishment, communication and peace of mind via our preparedness products and blog posts at Get The STASH. This is precisely why I re-post this article for you now.

This is a re-post of an article from our sister website – Get The STASH

An Experiment in Earthquake Preparedness in San Francisco

It is hard to really understand how inconvenient recovering from “the big one” is going to be if you aren’t A) a survivalist, B) a camper or C) a person who recently experienced a week long deprivation of enough water, lights at your fingertips and cold strange foods.

At the beginning of July (2011) I bought a vintage trailer, a 1967 Cardinal. It has beds, storage, and a propane stove. If I can plug into electricity then I have lights and a fridge. If I can screw into a spigot I have running water. But not a shower and not a toilet. The perfect STASH experiment, my own little laboratory for trying out products, experiencing discomfort and inconvenience. I was quite surprised at what I learned and thought it might help to share it here on the blog.

The Learning Curve of Earthquake Preparedness

Even with all of the supplies and tools that The STASH provides if you aren’t familiar with them, know how to use them, those first few days are going to be uncomfortable. I grew up camping, cooking over a fire and sleeping on the ground. And still I am having to relearn so many skills and having to learn for the first time some really important ones. There is discomfort in being a freshman at survival.

Even with the cooking stove provided you have to read the instructions on hooking up the power which is a propane canister. Even with the tent provided you still have to get it raised and up (at Get The STASH we tried to choose a really easy tent that is also high quality). Even with a 55 gallon barrel of water, in an emergency you are trying to remember how to open the barrel opening and secure the pump spigot (which we duct taped for you to the barrel so at least you don’t have to look for it too.) You may be able to boil water but can you do it outdoors, getting the water from a barrel (not too much you don’t want to waste it), finding the pan, maybe a bowl, a spoon, wait where are the kids? I don’t know, are there aftershocks too? And yes, Get The STASH provides all of this equipment and more so at least you don’t have to worry if you have what you need, you will. And you will still be a freshman at survival.

The Little Things We Take for Granted

Washing your face and brushing your teeth take on new importance when you are rationing water. And there is no heat. So no hot water. Unless you go power up the camp stove and boil some. This weekend it was 52 degrees at night. Whoa! Whew! That is cold water on my face. Gosh, even the contact lens solution is cold, cold. And what do you know about your habits as a tooth brusher? Are you one who leaves the water running as you brush? Not after “the big one”. For me it’s a like 10 step process: water, water off, toothpaste, brush, spit, water on, fill cup with water, water off, swish, spit, water on, add water to cup, water off, swish, spit. Not quite enough so water on, add water, water off, swish, spit, spitting on the toothbrush to save water then water for a quick brush rinse. Oh for pity’s sake!

Teach Your Children Well

Oh, and you have to teach this all to your kids. The same skills you have been hammering away at the last few years – brushing their teeth, eating healthy, the toilet – its all different now. What impact will this have on them?

I’m not walking you through this to discourage you but to remind you that even with all the knowledge a CERT class will give you; with all the tools included in The STASH; and your life experience, you will be a freshman at survival.

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