Move Coordination Stories – The Pianoforte

“As a move coordination expert, Breeze, what DO you do?” I am on the receiving end of that question quite frequently. I have seen and learned so much in my years in the industry. Frankly, it could fill a book, many volumes in fact. Because my clients are quite private; and include the who’s who of the Bay Area, please understand that certain details have been obscured in the stories I share. At the core of all I do with and for my clients, there is a universal, human thread running through each experience. This is why I share certain elements of these stories here.

Adventures in Move Coordination – What to do with the Ivory?

This from our Archives June 2012: The Fish and Game Dept. has tried to discourage the continuing ivory trade from elephants by a complete embargo on ivory, new and old. EBay and auction houses are being observed and fined. The lovely 100yo piano forte (“square” style) with the ivory keys that my client wants to sell, cannot be sold. In estate transition, nothing seems simple, good thing we are here. The truth folks, about the furniture you own… 10 cents on the dollar is what consignment stores and auction houses can sell your pieces for. Unless they are collectibles, antiques and the only antiques selling well as of right now is “mid century modern.”

Eleven months later – July 2013 – I found a home for the piano forte, it was donated to MusicSources, devoted to music from the Middle Ages to the Romantic Era (1500 to 1850). MusicSources serves as a local, national, and international base for professionals and promising students.  This makes me happy!  The perfect new home, which will benefit many music lovers.

What in the Heck is a Pianoforte?

Good question! In the spirit of a picture being worth a thousand words, here are FOUR!

A Very Brief History of the Pianoforte

As far as we can tell, and I’ll preface this by saying that we are not piano historians by any means, the “Pianoforte” is a more modern term for the piano often referred to as a Fortepiano. Actually, at the time it was invented, it was called gravicembalo di piano e forte, “harpsichord with soft and loud.” Either way, it references the early form of the piano, invented in Florence, Italy in the early 1700’s by harpsichord maker Bartolomeo Christofori.

In the years that followed, the invention began to slowly gain appeal and a broader interest geographically speaking. Even Bach, who was apparently rather critical of a German-made version of the instrument in the 1730’s, came to appreciate it by the late 1740’s. Ultimately, many classical composers, like Beethoven and Mozart used the pianoforte when composing.

Downsizing and Estate Clean-out

As someone who specializes in both downsizing and estate clean-out, it is often as much about the emotional relationship with one’s belongings as anything else. In working through that attachment, and in the logistics inherent in moving large estates and complex households, is where I excel. Please be in touch if you would like to hire It’s a Breeze for your next move.