10 Must Haves for a Mobile Earthquake Kit

As ever-mobile residents of the San Francisco Bay area, earthquakes are an eventuality. When months and years pass between large events, it seems a reasonable price to pay for our amazing weather and great lifestyle. In the event of a natural disaster, however, we all need to be ready to take care of ourselves and others. A mobile earthquake kit offers a start to the preparedness we all need to have.

Our readers, and clients of It’s a Breeze, are Bay Area business and economic leaders. As such, in the event of a natural disaster, they will be our leaders in the efforts to rebuild. We are here to ensure that your basic needs, and those of their family, are met in a disaster situation: comfort, nourishment, communication and peace of mind. This is why I share this with you now.

This is a re-post of an article from our sister website – Get The STASH

Have You Considered Going Mobile w/ Your Earthquake Kit?

In the Bay Area being mobile with your earthquake kit is definitely something to plan for. At TheSTASH we think about these sorts of things. Because we live in a densely populated,  physically volatile area, you may have need to vacate more than just your home… You may need to take it on the road. In fact, you may be ON the road and many miles from home when the inevitable earthquake occurs.

Ever wish you could throw one together in an afternoon? It’s pretty easy! Please keep in mind, we encourage you to have a comprehensive solution in place, and we offer those at Get TheSTASH. That said, we know there are diehard DIY-ers out there, so this is a great place to start if you want a quick little something in your car.

10 Must Haves for the Mobile Earthquake Kit in Your Car

  1. Food & water
  2. First aid basics
  3. Flashlight and radio w/ batteries or crank operation
  4. Knife
  5. Duct tape
  6. Gloves – Both heavy work-gloves and latex ones
  7. Debris mask
  8. Whistle
  9. Cash in coins and small bills
  10. I.C.E. – (In Case of Emergency) Contact List

Bonus Tip: At least a half tank of gas in your car at all times!

All in an easy to carry bag (consider a backpack or a rolling duffel)… Everything except the gas!

You can certainly put together your own kit, and many folks already have. Hat’s off to you! If, however, you are one of the many Bay Area residents who do not yet have an emergency preparedness kit for your car, you can take care of that with one quick call!

Our Mobile STASH Rocks – A Mobile Earthquake Kit at its Best!

We offer a comprehensive, portable Mobile STASH that blends roadside assistance supplies with emergency, and comfort supplies. The description on our website touches on some of what’s included… However, there is more to it! It is our business to provide you with what you need; delivered to your door.

For more information about ordering a customized, Mobile STASH for each of your vehicles and your workplace, please call Breeze Carlile, founder of Get TheSTASH at 415-309-1860 , or visit our sister website: Get The STASH.