Move Coordination Stories – Archives May 2012

Move coordination is an occupation full of all sorts of stories; enough to fill a book, or twelve! Here you can read these stories for yourself. It is important to note that my clients are generally very private. Still, the universal human thread running through each of their stories makes them worth sharing. As I have the utmost in respect for my clients and their privacy, please understand that certain details have been obscured, and where the details are made plain, my clients are fine that I share.

We are still busy with clients. Spring and early Summer can be busy times for us! While we’re out taking care of this year’s clients, you can take a look back at May 2012, and read about some of the things that keep my life so interesting!

Adventures in Move Coordination – A Look Back at May 2012

May 30, 2012 – Here is what is depressing about trying to donate to non-profits – they don’t call you back. 48 hours & nothing. Took 200 catalogs & books to a local auction house knowing that they would be added to their library so their appraisers would learn from the references.

My client has decided, post divorce, that her home will be perfect with a medium re-model instead of finding a new home. We will pack and take to storage the kitchen, family room, master bedroom & 1 child’s room. Some other spaces to be cleared. Huge delivery to designer consignment stores.

She kept saying “the gift that keeps on giving”, that is how she experiences our organization of her entire home. One of her friends said, considering the cost of real estate in SF, you have gained so much expensive square footage just by clearing out your closets!


May 28, 2012 – Library organizing – do you sort with “the” or ignore that and go with Rockefeller Institute not The Rockefeller … what about when the artist is The Eight? You have to do “The.” Our day was spent in Hillsborough; book and library organizing. Yes we do this too. One job was 4000 books. This one, however, is the library where just the art books are kept! Sort by American artists; European artists; Monographs. Enter into database. Put back on shelves with object d’art. Donate some 130 books on art – hopefully to Youth Spirit Artworks, arts job training, and community art-making to at-risk East Bay youth.


May 27, 2012 – Moving Lesson: I am tenacious with the details. To the point of pain. Patience not being my virtue… but as I painted alongside the pro I hired for my home, he said to keep breathing. Actually very useful, breathe. Don’t rush. It takes as long as it takes. Do It Yourselfers, this is good advice. To the others, lucky you, leave painting to the pros!

I’m meeting/working with a new client this week. A senior who is “trying to blend two homes into one”. I asked if this was a meet & greet appointment and she said,  “No, We are going to get to work, I am afraid when you see it, you won’t return!!” I assured her that I won’t give up on her, but I may need to bring in reinforcements!

Just moved. This again is the best learning experience for empathizing with my clients; for noticing the details that cause upsets, blockages; for studying how we adapt to new environments; for how I can create situations where my clients adapt to the choices that arise during a move.