Move Coordination Stories – Archives April 2012

I am often asked what I do as a move coordination expert. What I have seen and learned in my years in the industry could fill a book. My clients are generally very private; and include the who’s who of the Bay Area. At the core of it all there is a universal, human thread running through each of their stories. As I have the utmost in respect for my clients and their privacy, please understand that certain details have been obscured in the stories below. Where the details are made plain, my clients are fine that I share.

Adventures in Move Coordination – A Look Back at April 2012

At It’s a Breeze, move coordination shifts into high gear come Spring and Summer. It is a busy time for us. While we’re out taking care of this year’s clients, you can take a look back at April 2012, and see what we were up to then… Enjoy!

April 30, 2013 – Answered a voice-mail received yesterday. A woman, whose 59 year old husband died of cancer a year ago. She is overwhelmed learning to do all the things he used to do. She wanted organization in her cellar and garage. My website looked great to her, and she said she could tell that I can work with her emotions considering her loss. I am flattered, and pleased that my website conveys my compassion. And she is in Connecticut. She never noticed that I am in California. I have been on the NAPO website looking for organizers with experience, near her.

Quote from a friend who hired Cummings Moving: “Watching the Cummings guys work was like seeing the Great Wall or the Pyramids. Awesome. Amazing. Thank you for the reference.” Love that!! Thanks to Cummings for their amazing partnership in my business’ success.

April 10, 2012 – 9:30 pm, Tuesday night, I receive a referral to a woman my age, divorce papers finalized, and panicking because she has to be out of her 3500 sf house by Friday 5pm and into her new 1000 sf apartment. Help! My team member Courtney will be there 10am; I will join at 1pm and we will make it happen. Tonight the client says she loves me. I’ll take it. This is what we do … the thing better than the knight in shining armor on a white horse, is BEING in shining armor on the white horse!!!

April 3, 2012 – She chose her own Movers, It’s a Breeze showed up for the unpack. My assistant sent me a photo of china, etc. in kitchen boxes wrapped in torn Trader Joe grocery sacks …. speechless….. Hire a reputable company!

Great treasures to measure, price and sell this past few weeks, Native American art & pottery, silver; wearable art & shoes; autographed books; sheet music from Europe from 30s & 40s; a juke box. What to do? That’s my job, and I am on it!

Theophilus Brown, Bill Brown to me. 3 years ago I helped him clean out his partner’s apartment and he gave me the greatest gift: “My memories of Paul aren’t in these things, young Lady…” and today I cleaned out his home. A World famous figurative painter, humble, memorable. My work is a gift.

I love the John Burton Foundation, my newest, favorite organization to give to. Foster kids, emancipated, they need clothes, ties, jackets, interview clothes, household items for their apartments. Yippee!!! It’s a Breeze can do this, easy!

The next time I have to take a client to the ER (she tripped and broke her wrist, 80yo) I will know to ask her to tell the doctors to tell me what they know. HIPPA privacy kept me from knowing her blood pressure was 238 over high!

She just needed advice, couldn’t do an estate sale because the condo association will not allow it. So how to empty her father’s home and realize some money? THAT is next on my agenda!

PHOTO CREDIT:  From the cover of Theophilus Brown: Paintings, Collages and Drawings by John Arthur. “This book by the realist/ figurative, critic/curator, John Arthur, represents my introduction to the work of the Bay Area Figurative artist, Theophilus Brown (born 1919, Moline, Illinois).”