10 Must Know Things – Kids in a Natural Disaster – Part 2

We all know that an earthquake or other natural disaster will occur at some point here in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s important that we all be available, and ready to take care of the kids in our community. While many of us may not have not have children of our own, our friends and neighbors do. In the event of an emergency, we all must pitch in and support each other. Our It’s a Breeze clients, as well as the readers of our blog, are Bay Area business and economic leaders. In the event of an earthquake or other natural disaster, it is those very same people who will be the leaders as we rebuild. It’s a Breeze is here to ensure that your basic needs, and those of your family, are met in any natural disaster: comfort, nourishment, communication and peace of mind.

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10 Must Know Things to Help Any Child in a Natural Disaster Emergency – Part II  #6-10

In our last post we covered the first five in the series, “10 Things You Must Know About Kids in a Natural Disaster.” Now we move on to the rest:

6.      Build Your Child’s Confidence… Encourage kids to be part of the post-disaster process. Ask for their input on a particular task… Or for their pint-sized expertise! Remember, to let them know that YOU as the adult are responsible for their safety, and as such you would love to hear what they have to say!

7.      Offer Safety and Security to Kids… Think of those things that typically allow your child to feel safe and pack a special little blanket, cuddly toy or special hat. Sometimes staying close by and in view may be required to quell their anxiety. Reassure them that that they are ok, that you are ok, and that you are there with them. Assure them that they are not alone!

8.      Limit Media Exposure Regarding the Disaster… Research supports the theory that repeated exposure to media coverage of a disaster can hinder a child’s emotional recovery. Simply FYI.

9.      Plan for Play to Help Normalize Things in an Emergency… Packing a few toys or games in your emergency kit makes this easier. Small paper puzzle and coloring books, tiny cars, dolls, dinosaurs or a science kit… Anything that will help you engage your child in play!

10.      Help Your Child By Helping Others Together… After a natural disaster, even if you are temporarily living in a tent, reach out to those around you. You and your kids can initiate a play group at the same time each day. Start a mini clean-up effort with your kids… Wear your rubber gloves and help to tidy up an area around you. Just a little here and there. Tiny steps!

We recognize that after a disaster everyone’s world is rocked. We at TheSTASH want you to have options and ideas. Click to read Part 1 or this 2-part post.

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