10 Must Know Things – Kids in a Natural Disaster – Pt I

In the event of a natural disaster we all need to be available to take care of the kids in our community. Even if we do not have kids ourselves, our friends and neighbors do. In a time of crisis, we all must be there for one another. Our readers, and clients of It’s a Breeze, are Bay Area business and economic leaders. As such, in the event of a natural disaster, they will be our leaders in the efforts to rebuild. We are here to ensure that your basic needs, and those of their family, are met in a disaster situation: comfort, nourishment, communication and peace of mind. This is why I share this with you now.

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In a Natural Disaster We All Need to Care for Kids

You may not have kids yourself… Or you may have a big, happy family. Either way, the natural disaster won’t care. Any one of us may find ourselves the temporary caretaker of a terrified child. Let’s look at what any of us can do to aid in their well-being. Here are ten helpful tips everyone should know regarding kids in an emergency.


10 Things You Must Know About Kids in a Natural Disaster – Part I #1-5

1.      Secure Your Home for a Safe Exit… As part of a general emergency plan, make sure that your exit routes are clear of heavy and breakable objects that could topple and obstruct your safe evacuation.  Rehearse these routes with your child … make it fun.

2.      Count on Creature Comforts to Sooth Your Child… Pack a coloring book, crayons, some snacks, a kids game, or even a plush toy in your emergency kit… games and play they can share.  Some simple things to help normalize a very chaotic situation.

3.      Create Structure & Establish Routine for Kids… Anything you can do immediately after a disaster to create structure and set a routine to the child’s day is a good thing: Meal time, quiet time, play time, talk time… Even brushing their teeth! Find all the “normal” things you can still do and start doing them right away… Even if you are in a tent or sleeping under a tarp!

4.      Allow Your Child to Express Their Feelings… It’s important that kids know that it is ok and normal to feel whatever they are feeling. And that it’s ok to express those feelings as well. Be proactive and check in with them every once and a while and ask, WHAT are you feeling? Can you describe it? Allow them to feel safe so they are free to openly express their feelings to you. Drawing is a great way to start a conversation!

5.      Make Sure Your Child Knows What to Do if You are Not at Hand When a Disaster Happens… You may be out of sight of your child or even miles away at one of the scariest moments of their young lives. Take a deep breath and keep reading. When a child has a plan it gives both of you comfort. One of the greatest gifts you, as Bay Area parent, can give your child is a willingness to discuss these types of things… Now.

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