Move Coordination Stories – Our Archives Spring 2011

Spring is always a busy time for me as a move coordination specialist. As the nature dials up the heat here in the Bay Area, and the “It’s a Breeze Moving Team” works up a “glow,” let’s take a look at what we were up to three years ago in the Spring of 2011. Please remember, out of respect for my clients and their need for privacy, certain details have been modified in the stories below.


Spring Adventures in Move Coordination from 2011

June 28, 2011 – Grace. It works in mysterious ways! Thank god she fell and broke her hip so she could be mandated into an assisted living situation. This 96yo Lady needed more help having a graceful life. She was moved and we, wearing booties, face masks and gloves, plus the heroes at 1-800-got-junk cleaned out the apartment. Companies like Marchi and Smith, who provide support services for the disabled and elderly are really gifts to our communities

June 28, 2011 – My client this morning at his current home high above the rooftops, overlooking, Maritime Park, seeing all across the Bay, almost 360 degree view, 88, who I am moving into a great next home, 772sf at SF Towers finally looked at me and said, “Young Lady, please quit exclaiming about my beautiful home, you might help me change my mind!”

April 27, 2011 – “A goat rodeo,” my team member commented. Indeed! However, since I promise “Moving Gracefully”, we have been stepping over landscapers, electricians, hardware installers, drapery hangers, wallpaper hangers, theater builders, a/v pros, painters, etc. My crew, several moving companies, her team… all for getting a family moved into their new home. Breathe, smile, change direction, grace.

April 6, 2011 – She is graceful, snappily dressed, in full mental capacity and 103. At 9am Cummings and I + 3 It’s a Breeze team members arrived to move her down 1 floor to Assisted Living. To be done and organized by 2pm. She wasn’t feeling like this was the day. Emphatic. Whoa? Kudos to Sharon (my team) who cajoled and coaxed and teased her to acceptance, even a bit of enthusiasm. She was happily resting in her armchair as we left at 2:15.

March 28, 2011 – Again Cummings Moving proves their metal. It was a typhoon outside; and cold. Me, 3 trucks, a crew of 10 drenched men. They built a ramp to jump the curb so they wouldn’t damage the old oak tree. Kept the muddy guys out in the rain to protect the client’s furniture. But at 1pm they were still laughing and joking, soaked to the bone, eating hot pizza while their hats and sweatshirts spun in the dryer for round two.

March 19, 2011 – April, 3 huge moves totaling 40,000sf of homes in Portola Valley, Pebble Beach and Atherton! Fun, great families, and working with my great team. And, the Japan tragedy woke people up and is gaining prepared families.

March 13, 2011 – As an expert on Preparedness, let me just say that it has been 72 hrs since the Japan earthquake. And 1.4 million people are without power and water. No food. Tens of thousands missing. If this was here, it would be the same. PG&E is not going to get to you in 3 days. All official agencies have given up the 72 hrs. preparation warning. Be prepared for 7 days or more. Please.

March 13, 2011 – My long time clients Paul Holland (Linda Yates Holland) are celebrating the premier at the South by Southwest Film Festival of the movie he produced about venture capitalism and the influences of Silicon Valley. It is being very well received. Congratulations!!

March 8, 2011 – The client emailed on Mon that the house was his on Thursday and could we move him on Friday! As it turns out, yes, if we start Sat. One week from closing he is moved into his 6300sf house and the 1700sf of his girlfriend’s home is also integrated and organized. Had to install temporary closets & throw up a lot of metro shelving to create order. And joila! About as close to instant gratification as moving allows!!