Resisting Basic Earthquake Preparedness?

Earthquake preparedness is essential for the business and economic leaders at the heart of our clientele.  Following a natural disaster our clients, and readers alike, will again be leaders in the efforts to rebuild. Our mission is to ensure that their basic needs, and those of their family, are met in a disaster situation, with comfort, nourishment, communication and peace of mind. This is why I created The STASH!

This is a re-post of an article from our sister website – Get The STASH

Know Someone Resisting Even Basic Earthquake Preparedness?

I think we all do! Even thinking about basic earthquake preparedness makes its possibility a little too real. I get it. In the face of all sorts of Natural Disasters in the news, very often our reflexive nature just tunes it out… A completely human response. We also understand the need for each and every person to be prepared so we had a thought!

A Great Idea for Those Resisting Basic Earthquake Preparedness

Let’s re-frame this and turn it into something fun for your family or a group of friends. We are going to start with small steps and actually turn this into a Scavenger Hunt or Family Game that you play once a week or once a month until your Emergency Preparedness Kit is all put together!

  • Gather Your Team to Build Your Earthquake Kit – Partner with family, friends, or a neighbor and set specific dates during which you will play the game and build your Emergency Preparedness Kit
  • Make Your Kit Lists – There are some great online resources for what to put in your Emergency Kit. Research this together as a Team! TIP: Start with the basics: Food, water, shelter and first aid. Add the next Level to your kit: Tools, light sources, food prep and prescription drugs. And another level: Comforts of home kids care/self-care
  • Get Your Cash Ready to Build Your Kits – You’ll need to fund this game, so take a look at your list set some money aside
  • Make up Your “Kit-Building” Game – Set the goals, milestones, guidelines and a timeline… How will YOUR game or scavenger game work?
  • Let Folks Know What You’re Up To! – Does your game need its own Facebook page? Telling your friends helps keep you and your team on track and accountable!
  • Think of Prizes to Award Each Other – You need treats as you complete certain levels of your Emergency Preparedness Kit! What will make it fun? A water balloon chase? A pizza party at the end?
  • Plan for Easy Access Storage of your Emergency Kit – Consider the best place to keep your kit… or to split up your kit. Remember, things will shake, rattle and roll, and you want to make sure you can get to your kit when you need it!
  • Set an Anniversary Date Each Year to Celebrate a Safe and Uneventful Year… AND to replace any expired items in your Emergency Preparedness Kit!

Let us know what you do! We would love to hear from you!!!

For those who would like a full shelter-in-place system for your home that will allow you to easily evacuate, be self-sufficient, and there for our communities, please call 415-309-1860 to speak with Get TheSTASH founder, Breeze Carlile.