Move Coordination Stories – Our Archives Summer 2011

Move coordination yields plenty of stories! Seems like we have been on the move all year. Popping back into our archives for these gems from three years ago. As I have the utmost in respect for my clients and their privacy, please understand that as needed, certain details are obscured.


Adventures in Move Coordination

September 29, 2011 – Signed the contract and so excited to get started on this once in a lifetime opportunity!! Stage One: sort, inventory EVERYTHING, create a document w/photos of the contents of 22,000sf of buildings, on a 12.5 acre, 100 year old historic estate. How you ask? Well I have been contemplating, collaborating and planning HOW to do this for weeks. Stay tuned!

September 3, 2011 – Received call from interior designer on Tuesday, saw 6000+ sf house Wednesday, arrived with crew Thursday, and yes house still partially under construction. 185 labor hours and we were done unpacking and organizing by 6pm Sunday including garage sorted, in plastic and labeled. My subs rock! They are focused, creative and fun to work with.

August 3, 2011 – Who are those people?” her husband texted from the garage late this afternoon as my team finished up re-organizing the kitchen, pantry, master closets, home office and mud room. I didn’t think we were that scary! I was there master-minding since my shoulder is in a sling for at least another week.

July 12, 2011 – The Greenest House in America, six years in the planning and building and hours and hours of temporary moves, and tomorrow I finally get to move my wonderful clients into their new home! I love knowing that there will be no, zero, off-gassing to affect body and mind. Just natural beauty and exquisite technology.

July 6, 2011 – It’s Summer!! and I am very popular. This week instead of hiring a Staging company to replace and hide everything, Cummings Moving and my team are packing and labeling 30% of the house (ready to be shipped to Boston) and then making every room beeeyouutiful. Sotheby’s is photographing tomorrow.

July 3, 2011 – It takes 3 days, 3 people to organize a wine cellar, sorting 753 bottles by Region or Country, by producer and by varietal. Sorting, then putting in the bins, and entering into inventory. Enjoyed the software inventory system we used and its very fun iPhone app