CA Earthquake and Kids – It Takes a Village

In CA, we, our kids, and extended families live with the ever-present threat of an earthquake. At It’s a Breeze Moving, our blog readers and clients are business and economic leaders. Our mission is to ensure that their basic needs, and those of their family, are met in a disaster situation: comfort, nourishment, communication and peace of mind. We know that following a disaster our clients will again be leaders in the efforts to rebuild. This is why I created The STASH!

This is a re-post of an article from our sister website – Get The STASH

Don’t have Kids? You Will – In a CA Earthquake We ALL Will

By now you may have noticed that when it comes to kids and natural disasters or earthquakes here in CA, or anywhere for that matter, I am passionate about us all doing our part. Think about it for a minute… Just a minute… In the event of an earthquake here in the Bay Area, setting injuries aside, there will be hundreds, even thousands, of terrified, tired, and even temporarily orphaned children in our midst.

Have you ever wondered what you would do? Where you would start? How you could help? This article is meant to give you a few quick ideas.

What Can You Do to Help Care for Kids in the Event of an Earthquake?

In addition to some specifics, spelled out in our 10 Things You Must Know and How to Take Care of Kids articles, we want to stress the general importance of being there for each other’s children.

A natural disaster won’t care if you have kids or not, and parents, you are going to want your friends and neighbors without kids to be prepared to pinch hit. Should the need ever arise, taking care of someone else’s child in the aftermath of a natural disaster will be one of the most generous acts of compassion and kindness you may ever have the good fortune of making.

In advance, we at The STASH thank you! Thank you for taking the time to read (and share) the articles we have written about caring for the emotional well-being of the children in our Bay Area village in the event of a natural disaster. Thank you to those without children who appreciate the importance of this and for taking the time to add a small plush toy, gummy bears and a coloring book & crayons or puzzle book to your Emergency Kit in addition to having more emergency food and water than your household  needs. Thank you to parents for being brave enough to plan and prepare. Thank you to those who are the voices of preparedness in our communities. Thank you.

For more information, please call Breeze Carlile, founder of Get TheSTASH, or visit our sister website: Get The STASH.