Lessons in Living from a Dying Client

I am humble before her death process. Never have I seen a person turn so swiftly from enjoying a home filled only with what she loved, the beauty, and memories… to meet with choices required of someone diagnosed with an imminently terminal illness. We had JUST purged, organized and re-ordered her home, and after years, she was in love with her space again. In a matter of weeks this love affair changed focus as I and my team made plans to take it away. To give it ALL away.

In Life Things Can Change Quickly

What is it they say about death and taxes? Taxes, we have covered and they come around every year like clockwork. Death… we never expected this! Only 3 weeks ago we were celebrating, having cleaned out and making beautiful every nook and cranny of her home, now she could be dead in 3 weeks.

Each month I assist families and executors clean out the homes of their dearly departed. This is the first time where I did it with my client alongside me and directing the process.  Intently focused on what is important to her now… not burdening her friends with wondering what to do with her “things.” Those beautiful clothes, jewelry, music, books, and furniture… all that we just set in place for her enjoyment in decades ahead… Everything must go.

Precious Learning as We Let Go

Three days we have worked with my dying client to pack the “innards” of her home, planning to donate or sell everything to benefit the Leukemia Society. We have been loving, supportive, efficient, and we only cry together in the closets as we witness her telling friends the prognosis. I feel I am an expert at Loss, and yet I love her, and my heart is breaking, again.

She says, “thank God for you Breeze.”  I say thank God for her.