San Fran Move Coordination Stories July 2013

People often wonder what I have seen and learned in my years in this industry. It could fill a book. Several volumes! To be honest, my clients are generally very private, and yet, there is a universal, human thread which runs through each of their stories. As I have the utmost in respect for my clients and their privacy, please understand that certain details are obscured.

July Adventures in Move Coordination

Over time our aim is to post a chronicle of highlights from most months, however, sometimes we are simply too busy. This time you are in luck! Here are some of the highlights from this month…

July 11, 2013 – Larkin Street Youth Services provides homeless, runaway and at-risk kids between the ages of 12 and 24 with the help they need to rebuild their lives. Each year, more than 3,600 kids walk through their doors seeking help.  And today I found out that many of the items so difficult to donate before have a home here.  It’s a Breeze is adopting the Larkin Street Youth Services as our focus charity.  My clients will benefit from knowing how their now not needed items will benefit these kids. The Carpenters song “Bless the Beasts and the Children” is the perfect song for my joy! My parents died in a plane crash when I was 4.5, I was blessed to be taken into my Aunt/Mom’s family. And still I identify so completely with my biological family. It may be that I “get” these kids. Maybe there is a space for me to contribute other than the material things I can give through my clients. I had the best training through my 2nd Dad’s role as Executive Director of the Boys Clubs of America in Memphis. Every kid counts. “The Lovers, the Dreamers and Me”. So happy!

July 15, 2013 – This is why you hire a Move Coordinator …. my client is moving back from Chicago, 7 months pregnant, an 18 month old son and her husband. 6000 sf house.26,000 pounds of furniture and boxes and 2 cars. During our first in person meeting and walkthrough, she hired the cleaning company I recommended; I picked up the phone and found her a babysitter/nanny who could start tomorrow; we interviewed a housekeeper for after the move in. And importantly I kept up a conversation with the driver of the semi that arrived in California for a 8am move in Tuesday. But, the flat bed that was supposed to offload the 2 cars canceled. He called 11 towing companies but only 2 would help and only at 10:30 tomorrow which means that since the cars are blocking access to the household goods, he can’t get the Shuttles (2 26 foot trucks) loaded and at the house until 12pmish. And the toddler naps at 11am. Not to worry, I’ll drive to the hotel in Sausalito, get the house key, support the driver (I like your style, he said) in making it happen anyway, alerted my staff, and I still plan to have her unpacked and moved in by 6pm Saturday. Fun!

Part 2: Not Fun!  So the 8am start time, moved to 10:30, then 12pm, then 1:30 but the truck really arrived at 2:45. The Van driver was playing me against the client; his office part of the deception. Suddenly her bill was 30% more then the estimate, $6000. Would they unload or not. Did they listen to my warning 2 weeks ago that 5 guys couldn’t unload everything into a 6000 sf house that is 4 stories of stairs. Painful to witness. Painful to try to manage. No big deal, they didn’t rent the 2 trucks to fill from the cross country semi, so only 1 truck at a time. Write this down in your memory, Budd Van Lines, is NOT a reputable company and their independent trucker, this one anyway, is a crook. But so, seemingly is the central office.

July 16, 2013 – This is the emotional/strategic part of moving. We have to have more stamina then them.  It’s a power struggle I need to win.  My job is to protect my client and her family and achieve the goal – get the furniture moved in, placed, and reassembled. We have to keep playing with this crew to achieve our desired outcome, get the trucks unloaded and the furniture in place. The stress, which I want to lift off her shoulders, is shared by my Lieutenant Sharon and I. And then just ask them to leave. And my professional team will move in and make the magic happen to turn boxes and paper into a beautiful home. Such a tough day.