One Special Thought – July 2012

Sometimes it’s just heartbreaking; the work that I do. In that too, it is a deep, deep honor. Please understand that certain details are obscured to preserve my client’s privacy.

July Adventures in Move Coordination – One Final Note

July 31, 2012 – She wanted to lighten up & get organized so she could have more parties & not feel burdened by her things. Just a couple weeks ago we finished. Today she calls to say she has just found out she is dying of leukemia & and can I return & help her start clearing out her estate. While I am heartbroken, I never say no.

My heart is heavy. I can’t sleep, can’t stop crying, I am so sad that my sassy, bright, funny successful client is going to die… and soon. And yet, when I think of all the things I will do for her, to free her time and attention and allow her to be with those she loves, I am grateful to be here for her.  And pained, in disbelief that this is happening on the heels of the satisfaction we felt after JUST re-ordering her life. I wonder, since I believe that after death we go on as spirit, why the sadness?

All I can say is that I like knowing that she, and her fun-loving and expressive spirit, are here in this world. I feel sad to think that soon that will change. That I have benefited her I feel worthy.

Personal Note: In my time as a professional organizer and relocation specialist I have experienced many wonderful people and even more touching moments. THIS client, and her story, will stay with me forever.