During an Office Move Clients Say the Darndest Things

“Meatballs” he offhandedly called them as he referenced the professional moving crew who helped him efficiently and ably move his office of papers, tons of computer equipment and office furniture.

During a move, people often speak before they think. He was telling a story, expounding, making a dramatic point about how his staff kept becoming distracted and how they all wanted to be involved in the hard work of moving, when he needed his staff to stay focused on setting up their personal work stations and computers. Even though I understood that he was frustrated with his staff, frankly I was personally offended for my team.

I get it. Tensions are high and filters are thin. It got me thinking. I wonder how many of us have actually stopped to think about what goes into the day-to-day of a professional moving crew. I’ll spell it out.

Top 10 Things to Remember About a Professional Moving Crew

  1. A professional moving crew has ability to pack and load your 4000 square foot house, in the time that was estimated by a company member who spent less than an hour in the house at the time of the estimate.
  2. They demonstrate the same care and commitment when packing the toy room as they do the Baccarat crystal.
  3. They have spatial awareness, balance, endurance…And strength, strength, STRENGTH!
  4. The moving crew is expert at logistics and problem solving. Whether “flying” an armoire outside over the roof… putting a sofa on the TOP of an elevator car to take it to its new home… protecting all the tall houseplants… moving the antique grandfather clock… or removing a window to take out a piano from the basement or upper floor… All of this is done with dedicated appreciation of total stranger’s personal property.
  5. They maintain attention to time and schedule and are constant ambassadors of their company.
  6. They have the insane skill required to drive a 26 foot truck around crooked streets, up and down incredibly steep hills, and in/out of narrow driveways; from the San Francisco Bay Area to mountainous resort towns across the country.
  7. The moving crew shows up at a door having to prove yet another day, that not all moving company crews are crooks, breakers, indifferent, or scoundrels.
  8. They show up and never know what’s on the other side of the door: chaos, indifference, panic, stress, filth, and hording… mostly people it is people who are not quite “move ready.”
  9. Keep in mind that the crew leader isn’t necessarily working with his favorite crew-members, and yet he has to produce the promised result.
  10. They are calm, focused, and comfortable; happy to be in your home and at service to your successful move. I have a lot of widows and young mothers as clients, and they always tell me that the positive, “get it done” demeanor of the moving crew shaped the day and set them at ease.

Professional Moving Crew Maintains Sense of Humor

San Francisco Residential Move Coordination ExpertAnd wow, I don’t know how they do this every day! To walk into a stranger’s house, and spend 8 hours picking up objects and putting them into boxes, all wrapped and labeled; day after day. I have spent thousands of hours working alongside them, but never 40 hours a week just packing up job after job, week after week… Rinse and Repeat.

And for the most part, that same crew is still laughing together at the end of the day. At least that is how the crews working for Cummings Moving and Storage are. A job well done and still laughing. Even when, as with a job last July, between the truck to the front door there are 140 stairs. Trip after trip… after trip. Not to mention the steep stairs going floor to floor within in the house. Amazing. They are STILL laughing!

Meatballs?  Not a chance. Heroes? Definitely. My heroes!

And thankfully tomorrow morning those very same heroes will be meeting me at another client’s front door, my partners in every, way of moving that family into their new home. Thank God.