Dream Come True for Bay Area Home Organizer

SO excited! Today, unexpectedly, a dream of mine came true! Twenty years ago I created in my mind WindDance Ranch, a safe place for teens to come, to be sheltered, fed, showered, mentored, loved and hugged. Life and survival got in the way.

Today We Adopted 5700 Kids

In the gorgeous way of God and the Universe, I found a way to make my vision a reality. It’s a Breeze just adopted 5700 kids! Wow! So cool! These are the kids served annually by the Larkin Street Youth Services. I am so satisfied. Part of what I love about what I do is seeing that the gently used items my clients donate reach many of the wonderful charities and foundations around the San Francisco Bay Area. In this case the donation touched very close to my heart!

Larkin Street Youth Services Reaps the Benefit of San Francisco Generosity

San Francisco Bay Area Home Organizer Adopts Kids at Larkin StreetHere’s what occurred. My client is leaving his 5000 square foot house to a retirement community, and has through It’s a Breeze, he has given Larkin Street Youth Services  the entire contents of his kitchen and  enough towels for the 400 kids a week who shower there. My next client then gave her entire pantry! Good things are happening for these kids at Larkin Street and I am thrilled to play a part. More to come!